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Meat Judging coach McKensie Phillips

McKensie Phillips
Head Coach

Assistant Lecturer

Why should students participate on the meat judging team?

There are opportunities specific to the sport of meat judging that students can capitalize on. These are:

  • Greater understanding of the meat industry

  • Hands-on experience with meat products

  • Tour organizations such as Certified Angus Beef, American Angus Association, United States Meat Export Federation, and more!

  • Tour and work in a variety of packing facilities and meat labs across the country

    • Tyson, Cargill, JBS, Nebraska Beef

 Outside of meat judging, students will gain the following:

  • Written communication, decision making, and analytical thinking skills

  • Industry connections

  • Internship eligibility

  • Confidence

  • Teamwork

  • Life-long friends

  • Cross-country travel

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Why should students participate on the meat judging team?

Meat judging is more than just lining up 4 cuts or carcasses, it allows you the opportunity to peek into an industry full of incredibly intelligent, talented, hard-working people. Meat judging allows young adults to travel the country, learn, and compete against other judges, all while making connections, networking, and making a multitude of lifelong friendships. Meat judging is a wonderful way to build character and improve as a person. Dealing with the crushing blow of defeat, climbing to the top, and achieving your goals builds character like nothing else can.