Current Team Members

2024 team

Team Photo: (L-R) Coach Dylan Laverell, Sydney Camp, Cameron Herrick, Elizabeth Dooley, Allie Van Why, Mary Thomas, Coach Whit Stewart

Cameron Herrick

Laramie Wy. 
Animal Science concentration Pre-veterinary medicine
Year in School: 
I am a sophomore 
Career Plans: 
I plan to attend veterinary school upon completion of my undergraduate degree. I would love to specialize in large animals, especially horses and cattle. Regardless of specialty, I hope to one day own my own practice. 
I enjoy doing anything outside. I am very interested in chemistry and biology and am planning to work in a chemistry lab on campus in the next school year. 
Why did you choose to participate on the wool judging team? 
I chose to judge with the wool team for a few reasons. Primarily, I felt that wool was the sector of the agricultural industry I knew the least about. The class offered by the university illustrated the importance of wool and built a skill set that helped me to feel that I could be successful in the contest. This made it easy to take the step toward competing. 
As well, judging has been a part of my life since high school and helped me gain confidence in my own ability to think critically in my life. I felt that it was a natural progression to continue judging collegiately.


Elisabeth Dooley

Hometown: Casper, WY
Major: ANVS: Pre-Vet & Production; Minor: Ag Bus
Year in School: Senior
Career Plans: Graduate School, and then either a research position or a teaching position
Hobbies/Interests: I really like the US sheep industry and most of my interests surround it; for hobbies I enjoy reading, sleeping, movies, and my friends.
Why did you choose to participate on the wool judging team? It was something that interested me, and I knew that if I didn't do it I would never do it and I was certain it was something I would regret not participating in.