Wool Judging Results


2021-2022 TEAM RESULTS


December 7th, 2021 - University of Wyoming Wool judgers finish as the High Team Overall at the Wild Cat-Cowboy-Jackrabbit Invitational in Manhattan, Kansas. UW also finished as the high team in Reasons, Placings and the Grading Rail.

Jacob Smylie - 1st overall, 2nd reasons, 3rd placings, 3rd grading rail

Dani Freels - 2nd overall, 2nd placings, 2nd grading rail

Payton Timberman - 1st grading grading rail, 3rd overall, 5th reasons

Casey Spencer - 1st placings

Wyatt Crane - 5th overall, 4th placings

Macy Collins – 1st reasons, 4th overall, 5th placings

Kylie Strauch - 4th reasons


January 11th, 2022 - The University of Wyoming hosted a National Wool Judging Contest in January, there were 11 teams and 56 kids that competed from the University of Wyoming, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Angelo State, Tarleton State, Kansas State and South Dakota State. The University of Wyoming team finished 2nd Overall at the second annual 2022 7220 Wool Judging Invitational. UW also finished as the high team in placings, 3rd high team on the grading rail and the 2nd high team in value-added.

Macy Collins - 1st reasons, 6th overall

Payton Timberman - 8th overall

Casey Spencer - 5th placings, 9th overall

Tessa Maurer - 2nd grading rail

Jacob Smylie - 2nd placings


January 13th, 2022 - University of Wyoming wool judgers finished 4th at the National Western Stock Show Wool Judging Contest in Denver, Colorado. UW also placed 2nd high team on the grading rail, 3rd high team in reasons, 1st and 2nd in the value-added contest and 4th in handspinning contest.

Wyatt Crane – 4th overall, 4th grading rail, 9th reasons

Tessa Maurer – 1st grading rail, 1st value-added, 8th overall

Jacob Smylie – 6th grading rail

Casey Spencer – 7th placings

Macy Collins – 6th reasons, 9th handspinning

Kylie Strauch – 7th handspinning

Payton Timberman – 2nd value-added


February 4th, 2022 – The University of Wyoming Wool Judging Team was 2nd High Team at the 2022 Black Hills Stock Show. They were also the high team in Reasons, Placings and Value-Added and 3rd high team on the grading rail.

Overall -

Jacob Smylie – 1st reasons, 2nd Overall, 4th Grading Rail

Casey Spencer - 4th Placings, 5th overall

Wyatt Crane – 2nd Placings, 5th Value-Added

Macy Collins - 2nd Reasons

Kylie Strauch - 3rd Placings


February 11th, 2022 - The 2021-2022 UWYO Collegiate Wool Judging Team wrapped up a great season at the San Antonio Stock Show collegiate contest this weekend with one of our best finishes in Texas to date. The team was the 4th High Team Overall, 4th in reasons, 4th and 5th in placings and 4th on the grading rail.

Jacob Smylie - 6th Grading Rail

Wyatt Crane – 9th Placings

Macy Collins - 5th Reasons, 10th Placings



Macy Collins – Meeker, CO – Animal Science-Agriculture Communications – Senior

Kylie Strauch – VanTassel, WY – Animal Science – Junior

Jacob Smylie – Douglas, WY – Animal Science-Pre-Vet – Senior

Wyatt Crane – Wheatland, WY – Agriculture Business – Junior

Payton Timberman – Moorcroft, WY – Agriculture Business – Junior

Tessa Maurer – Arvada, CO – Animal Science – Freshman

Casey Spencer – Sonoma, CA – Agriculture Business – Freshman

Danielle Freels – Aurora, CO – Animal Science-Meat Science – Senior




Whit Stewart – Sheep Extension Specialist

Dylan Laverell – M.S. Student – Animal Science

Amy Newman – Animal Science, Laramie Research and Extension Center Accountant

Courtney Newman –M.S. Student – Animal Science





Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo


  • Wyoming Gold - 7th overall
  • Wyoming Brown - 8th overall

National Western Stock Show


  • Wyoming Gold - 1st overall, 1st grading, 1st reasons, 3rd placings
  • Wyoming Brown - 6th overall


  • Laurel Rigby - 1st overall
  • Dallin Brady - 3rd overall



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