Summer Field Work

Summer Schedule 2023


Hell Gap: Paleoindian Archaeology at the Edge of the Rockies 

The three sessions and two breaks are scheduled as:


June 17 – June 26

Hell Gap 1

June 27 – June 30


July 1 – July 10

Hell Gap 2

July 11 – July 14


July 15 – July 24

Hell Gap 3



This summer the crew and volunteers will work alongside the University of Wyoming Advanced Archaeological Field School at the stratified Paleoindian Hell Gap site. Special events, including: site tours, flintknapping demonstrations, and atl-atl competitions will be scheduled later. Check on conditions at Hell Gap camp.

If you are interested in helping in one or more of these field sessions please complete the volunteer form and mail it to:

For more information please contact:
Marcel Kornfeld at   


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