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Business Minors

Our College of Business (COB) minors are tailor-made for those who want to explore the wide range of possibilities offered in the business world.

A minor in the College of Business may be just what you need to make your resume catch the eye of a potential employer.  It might also give you some terrific ideas about how to put your major to work.  Whether you're a College of Business major with an interest in another field or a non-business major who wants to enhance your basic business understanding, discover the many possibilities we can offer you by following the links below.

All on-campus students, including College of Business majors, are eligible to earn College of Business minors. Minors are not available to online students. For more information, email


Minor Requirements:

  • The cumulative minor GPA must be a 2.50 at graduation.
  • A minimum grade of “C” is required for each minor course.
  • Prerequisites must be completed prior to the first day of classes.
  • Additional courses may be required to meet individual course prerequisites (review UW Catalog for specific course requirements).
  • It is the student's responsibility to monitor requirements for minors



Banking and Financial Services

A minor in Banking and Financial Services is designed to give you a solid understanding of the primary issues and tools in the management and regulation of financial institutions. It will equip you to embark on a career in this important, challenging, and dynamic field.


This minor lays the foundation for gaining a competitive advantage in the blockchain ecosystem by providing an understanding of the implications and business opportunities associated with how blockchain and digital assets are affecting global industries. Blockchain, most famous for its application for cryptocurrency, is changing the way we think about money, impacting traditional financial systems and supply chains, and transforming the landscape of legal contracts. The minor will prepare a range of students from different backgrounds to work in any industry that would likely be impacted by blockchain. The flexible nature of the minor allows the student to tailor the program to their primary program of study.

Data Analytics

A minor in Data Analytics prepares students to understand, manage, and analyze data to enhance business decision-making processes. Students will be exposed to core data analytics concepts applicable to modern businesses.


A minor in Economics will deepen your understanding of economic institutions, policies, and issues, which will give you an edge in today's dynamic, uncertain world. The Economics Minor will allow you to get a broad understanding of Economics or to sharpen your focus on an area you want to learn more about.

Entrepreneurship (Non-Business Majors Only)

The Entrepreneurship Minor exposes non-business majors to entrepreneurship through experiential learning and focuses on the creation of an entrepreneurial mindset. By pursuing an entrepreneurship minor, students learn tools for success in starting a business or bringing innovation and creativity to an existing business. A primary focus of the minor is allowing the student to tailor the program to their individual program of study. 

Hospitality Business

The Hospitality Business Minor provides students an understanding of the operations of multiple domains in the hospitality industry including food and beverage, tourism and lodging, and entrepreneurship and consumer relations. Knowledge in these areas is critical for anyone desiring to work in the hospitality industry or for a business that services the hospitality industry.


The Leadership Minor is a unique curricular and co-curricular experience that prepares students to be leaders in every facet of their lives. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students acquire the knowledge necessary to develop leadership competencies. Students then test and refine those competencies by earning the Cowboy Leadership Certificate as part of the program.

Professional and Technical Selling

The Professional and Technical Selling Minor prepares students to manage business clients. This minor provides students with technical and/or liberal arts backgrounds with opportunities to pair these backgrounds with essential knowledge and skills required for careers in sales. Careers in sales offer independence, ample financial reward, personal growth, and opportunities for rapid advancement within organizations. Students experience rigorous classroom experiences designed to develop important knowledge and practical selling skills including oral and written communication skills, selling techniques and networking, and the use of sales technology and customer information.

Real Estate

The real estate market is larger than the stock market or the bond market and its performance has direct or indirect implications on the overall economy and on the financial wellbeing of almost every individual. The real state minor enables students to gain a broad understanding of this sizable and important market and as a result compete for jobs in many real estate related careers such as banking, insurance, real estate management, real estate investment, real estate development, real estate brokerage, real estate appraisal and more.

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