Editorial Internship

Eighteenth-Century Life

We invite English MA students to apply for the Eighteenth-Century Life editorial internship. The intern will work with the editors on every aspect of editing a scholarly journal, including reading and evaluating essays, evaluating referee reports, copyediting, and page proofing. This is part of a plan to provide students with “real life, professional experience,” beyond academic work and teaching. In addition to learning about editing at a professional level, our interns also learn about what constitutes a scholarly article, which is something that even PhDs generally do not learn (until they’re slogging away as assistant professors).

This position pays up to $4000, so working the 10 hours maximum total per week will work out to about $13.33 per hour. Please note that graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) stipends are paid the last business day of the month, but hourly employment such as this internship is paid bi-weekly. Once the fiscal year payroll schedule is released in the summer, we will send you a biweekly schedule. Graduate assistantship stipends do not require time cards, but hourly positions do require reporting hours. More information about this process will be provided.

UW has strict policies discouraging students with full GTA positions (20 hours per week) from working multiple campus jobs and exceeding 40 hours per week combined. This intern position will not exceed 10 hours of work per week.

Please note the Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships Standard Administrative Policy and Procedure document (Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships , SAP) section 6, part B:

a. Graduate assistants, who accept additional employment at the university that results in the individual working more than 20 hours per week for the university, must inform in writing their department/unit head, their secondary university employer(s), and the Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education prior to beginning additional employment.

  1. The secondary university employer(s) assumes full responsibility for paying for any benefits required beyond those provided as part of the graduate assistantship.

  2. Failure to notify the department/unit head, the secondary university employer and/or the Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education may result in the termination of the individual’s graduate assistantship.

The eligibility requirements for this non-GTA internship are the same as those governing GTA positions:

  1. be enrolled in a graduate degree program at the University of Wyoming;

  2. possess the necessary qualifications and experience for the position as expected by the academic unit;

  3. be in good academic standing and maintain a cumulative overall minimum grade point average (GPA) and cumulative degree program GPA of 3.0 or higher if specified by the degree program;

  4. be enrolled full time during the semester(s) appointed as a graduate assistant. Full-time enrollment is considered 9 graduate credit hours.

Previous interns have gone on to jobs in copyediting, as well as into prestigious PhD programs, at such schools as the University of Michigan (Andromeda Hartwick), Arizona State University (Heather Ackerman), and the University of Minnesota (Elissa Hanson).

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