Tetherball Game

Last Updated: 7/26/18

The purpose of this module is to learn about the Arduino interrupt system.  An Arduino tetherball game is created to illustrate the use of interrupts. You'll see that Interrupts are easy and the game is fun!

What is an interrupt?

The Arduino interrupt system allows for the Arduino to stop normal operation and immediately respond to an unexpected event, such as a button press.  A special function called an interrupt service routine (ISR) contains the instructions related to the interrupt event.

Learn how to programming with interrupts.

A tetherball game is created using LEDs and buttons to illustrate how the interrupt system is used.  The LEDs are positioned in a circle that represents the ball going around the pole in a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.  Each players must press their button at just the right moment to “hit” the ball such that it rotates in their direction.  This is a great game to test your reflexes and response time.  It is also possible to add a variety of “bells and whistles” and create an educational and fun activity.

The presentation material can be downloaded at Tetherball Game. 


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