Mobile Platform with Scratch 2.0


Last Updated: 7/26/18

Teaching Standard:

In this module, you will learn to wirelessly control a mobile platform using the Raspberry Pi with the graphical programming tool Scratch Ver. 2.0.  Scratch Ver. 2.0 in comparison to Scratch Ver. 1.0, offers better tools to program the GPIO interface of the Raspberry Pi.  The driver of the mobile platform will use the arrow keys on a keyboard to control the direction of motion and the spacebar to stop the movement.  The mobile platform will be able to drive both forward and backward, as well as turn left and right while moving in both of these directions.  This module could be a great entry-level project for students interested in flying drones, developing automated cars and learning about robotics.  Furthermore, building and programming a device with moving parts is a very rewarding accomplishment to a student and will kindle the student interest in engineering.  Required hardware for this project includes a Raspberry Pi (with breadboard and cobbler), Magician Robot mobile platform, H-bridge (for controlling direction of motors), and a battery pack to power the Raspberry Pi.  

The presentation material can be downloaded at Mobile Platform with Scratch 2.0.

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