Office of General CounselWyoming Constitution and State Statutes

The following are applicable provisions of the Wyoming Constitution and Wyoming State Statues.

Wyoming Constitution

Article 7, Section 15- This provision establishes the University as the State University of Wyoming.

Article 7, Section 16-This provision states that the University will be equally open to students of both sexes, irrespective of race or color and tuition will be nearly free as possible.

Article 7, Section 17-This provision establishes the Board of Trustees.

Article 7, Section 23-This provision states the University shall be centered in Laramie, Wyoming.

You can access a copy of the Wyoming Constitution at

Wyoming State Statutes

W.S. 1-39-103- This statute defines "governmental entity" to include the University of Wyoming.

W.S. 9-2-805- This statute requires that the geological survey deposit all materials and specimens in the geological museum of the University after the purposes of the geological survey have been served.  

W.S. 9-5-107- This statute requires that the state building commission shall adopt rules implementing policies for the management of state buildings.  The rules adopted by the commission shall be used as guidelines for the management of state buildings assigned by statute to other state agencies including the University of Wyoming.

W.S. 11-19-602- This statute establishes that the Vice President for Research at the University is one of five members of the board created to manage, control and preempt potentially mutual or shared disease that may impact wildlife, livestock or humans.

W.S. 16-6-102- This statute requires that contracts for construction, major maintenance or renovation of any public structure or for any public work or improvements shall be awarded to a resident of the state of Wyoming. If advertisement for bids is required, the contract shall be awarded to the certified resident submitting the lowest bid if the certified resident’s bid is not more than five percent (5%) higher than that of the lowest nonresident bidder.

W.S. 19-14-106- This statute states that the University shall offer free tuition for a total of up to ten (10) academic semesters to those individuals who are Vietnam War veterans, overseas combat veterans, combat veteran surviving spouses/dependents, or combat veteran dependents.

Wyoming Statutes 21-17-101 through 21-17-123-These statutes establish the University and outline the powers and duties of the President and Faculty. These statutes also outline certain requirements related to tuition and certain programs offered by the University, such as dentistry, degrees related to energy resources, nursing, optometry, physical therapy, psychiatry, and veterinary medicine.

Wyoming Statutes 21-17-201 through 21-17-207-These statutes outline the composition, term, and the powers and duties of the Board of Trustees.

W.S. 21-18-104- This statute establishes that Wyoming’s small business development centers are operated by the University. 

You can access a copy of Wyoming statutes at

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