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Dr. B. R. Frost

Emeritus Professor

Dr. B. R. Frost, Emeritus Professor at the University of Wyoming.Office Phone: 307-766-4290
Fax Phone: (307) 766-6679

P.O. Box 3006
Laramie, Wyoming 82071-3006
Office: ESB 3048

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Geology, PhD, University of Washington, 1973
Geology, MS, University of Washington, 1971
Geology, BA, University of Virginia, 1969

My research has concentrated in several fields in petrology. My major fields of interest include:

Geologic evolution of the Wyoming Province:  The Wyoming province is one of the oldest Archean provinces in North America and over the years, with ample help from students and colleagues we have been able to subdivide it into several domains. Our research continues on the structural evolution of the Teton Range and whether the Wyoming and Slave Cratons were connected in the early Archean.


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Frost, C.D., Frost, B.R., Kirkwood, R., and Chamberlain, K.R. (2006) The tonalite-trondjhemite-granodiorite (TTG) to granodiortie-granite-monzogranite (GGM) transition in the Late Archean plutonic rocks of the central Wyoming province. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 43, 1419-1431

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Grace, R. I. B. Chamberlain, K.R., Frost, B.R., and Frost, C.D. (2006) Tectonic histories of the Paleo- to Mesoarchean Sacawee block and Neoarchean Oregon Trail structural belt of the south-central Wyoming Province. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 43, 1445-1467.

Seafloor metamorphism and the formation and metamorphism of serpentinites.  The first rocks I studied were metamorphosed serpentinites and for a long time I had shelved this topic.  I joined the IODP expedition 304 in 2004-2005 and that rejuvenated my interested in the processes of serpentinization and sea floor metamorphism. Susan Swapp and I plan to submit an NSF proposal to continue our study of serpentinization, particularly the processes by which magnetite forms  in serpentinite.


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Peretti, A.; Dubessy, J.; Mullis, J.; Frost, B.R.; and Trommsdorff, V., (1992) Highly reducing conditions during Alpine metamorphism of the Malenco peridotite  (Sondrio, northern Italy) indicated by mineral paragenesis and H2 fluid inclusions. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology. 112, 329-340.

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Frost, B. R., Beard, J. S., McCaig, A., Condliffe, E., (2008) The Formation of Micro-Rodingites from IODP Hole U1309D: Key To Understanding the Process of Serpentinization. Journal of Petrology. In press.

Metamorphism and melting of sulfide ore deposits.  During metamorphism massive sulfide ore bodies may melt.  This process may concentrate precious metal, which go into the melt and may mobilize those metals to specific sites within an ore body, or even to areas away from the body.  Susan Swapp and I have been working on this for several years and still have several papers to write before we finish it up.


Frost, B.R., Mavrogenes, J.A., and Tompkins, A. (2002) Partial melting of sulfide ore deposits during medium and high-grade metamorphism. Canadian Mineralogist, 40, 1-18.

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Formation and evolution of Proterozoic anorthosites and related rocks: Laramie sits adjacent to one of the best-exposed anorthosite complexes in the world.  We have spent years studying the geology of the Laramie Anorthosite Complex.  Apart from a few papers we have yet to publish, this project is nearly finished.


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, 124, 243-267.

The origin and classification of granites.  Laramie sits adjacent to one of the most varied suites of ferroan granites in North America, which has lead Carol Frost and I to study the origin of these fascinating rocks.  This study is nearly finished; we have a few more papers to write.
Sherman granite east of Laramie.


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Frost, B.R. and Frost, C.D. (2008) On charnockites, Gondwana Research, 13, 30-44.

The controls of oxygen fugacity in petrologic processes and the stability of Fe-Ti oxides in igneous rocks:  This topic has long been a interest of mine, which has cause me to delve in to processes ranging from metamorphic to igneous.  Although I have mostly moved into other fields much of my current work on serpentinite relates to oxygen fugacity and oxides.

Photomicrograph of Fe-TI oxides:


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