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Dr. Barbara E. John


Structural Geology/Tectonics, Igneous Processes

Office Phone: 307-223-1951
Fax Phone: (307) 766-6679

P.O. Box 3006
Laramie, Wyoming 82071-3006
Office: ESB 3016


Geology, PhD, UC - Santa Barbara, 1987
Geology, BA, University of CA - Berkeley, 1978

Research Projects

Tracking the thermal and petrologic evolution of magmatically robust fast spread lower ocean crust

The four-dimensional development of lower oceanic crust: Integrated zircon trace element and high precision U-Pb geochronology from IODP Hole U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge

Constraints on initiation of low-angle normal faults within the seismogenic regime

Recent Awards and Honors 

2018  Distinguished Alumnus Award, U.C. Santa Barbara 

2018  Directors’ Fellowship, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP), Paris, France 

2016  Presidential Speaker, Univ.Wyoming: Mid-Ocean Ridges: one last frontier for exploration on Planet Earth


* indicates graduate student first author

* Maher, S.M., Gee, J.S., Cheadle, M.J., John, B.E., 2021, Three-dimensional magnetic stripes require slow cooling in fast-spread lower ocean crust: Nature, 597, 511-515.

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UW Recognition

UW Presidential Faculty Speaker (2016)

College of Arts and Sciences Extraordinary Merit in Research (2000)

College of Arts and Sciences Extraordinary Merit in Research (2008)

College of Arts and Sciences Extraordinary Merit in Research (2011)

UW Top PhD Student

Erin Campbell (1997)

Timothy Schroeder (2005)

Craig Grimes (2009)

Graduate Students

Tyler Brown - PhD Candidate

Chris Doorn - PhD Candidate

Michelle Gess - MS Candidate

Rose Pettiette - MS Candidate

Madeleine Wewer - MS Candidate


GEOL4610 - Structural Geology and Tectonics
GEOL4820 - Capstone
GEOL5020 - Fundamentals of Research
GEOL5211 - Seminar in Structural Geology and Tectonics
GEOL5200 - Advanced Petrology; Ocean Tectonics
GEOL4717 - Field Camp

Research Statement

My primary research interest is to understand processes of lithospheric deformation, both on the continents and in the oceans. The majority of this research to date has focused on processes of lithospheric extension, using geologic field projects (both continent and marine-based) with petrologic, geochemical, sedimentologic, microstructural and geophysical studies, to constrain the nature of extension processes (both magmatic and structural). This integrated approach typically includes geochronologic and thermochronologic studies that allow determination of the absolute age of events, rates of geologic/tectonic processes, and the space-time distribution of deformation and/or magmatism. The aim of my approach is use well-placed field studies as natural examples of structural and petrologic processes.

My previous and ongoing research can be divided into three general areas, including deformation of the continental lithosphere, deformation of oceanic lithosphere, and magmatism and deformation.

Deformation of the continental lithosphere:

Controversy still surrounds the processes that form metamorphic core complexes and low-angle normal ('detachment') fault systems in both continental and oceanic settings. Specifically, questions remain regarding the angle(s) at which such faults originate and slip, the capacity of such faults to generate significant earthquakes, characteristics of the transition from plastic to 'brittle' deformation along the faults, the extent to which such faults and their footwalls are deformed by isostatic forces, and the mechanics of any such isostatically driven deformation.

My research on the extensional deformation of continental lithosphere has concentrated on the following: geometry and evolution of large magnitude extensional fault systems; the role of plutonism in extreme crustal extension; the temporal and geochemical evolution of magmatism associated with large-scale crustal extension in the southern Basin and Range; structural and sedimentary history of hanging wall basins to major low-angle normal faults; and constraints on the development of natural fault-related folds in an extensional environment. These projects have been focused in the southern North America Cordillera, with lesser time in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt (Zabargad). In each case, I have tried to concentrate on the timing and rates of the processes involved.

Formation and Deformation of the oceanic lithosphere

My interest in processes in the oceanic lithosphere is more recent, and has concentrated on the thermal/mechanical history of oceanic metamorphic core complexes, and tectonic and magmatic accretion processes, both as a shipboard and shore based scientist. Specifically I have been involved in research along slow spreading segments of the SW Indian and northern mid-Atlantic ridges. My work on gabbroic rocks from the SW Indian Ridge emphasizes important T-t aspects in an ultra-slow spreading environment, that include;

  • magnetic anomaly ages in lower oceanic (gabbroic) crust not replicating crustal ages
  • cooling apparently follows an exponential curve, with rates > 800°C/m.y. for the first 500,000 years (from 850°C to 350°C), decreasing gradually to 60-70°C/m.y. for up to 4 million years off-axis,
  • significant heat (~70%) is lost at the axis and within the rift valley, and
  • pure conductive cooling may be the dominant mechanism of heat loss in slow spreading environments.

These conclusions have important implications for estimates of plate spreading rates, the heat budget associated with mid-ocean ridges, and rheology of oceanic crust.

Magmatism and deformation

My interests in magmatism and deformation ranges from emplacement mechanisms of silicic magmas, the geometry of magma bodies, the influence of magmatism in regions of compressional deformation, magmatic to amagmatic spreading at mid-ocean ridges, and the imagine.

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