Dr. Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown


Office Phone: 307-766-5308
Office room no.: ESB B028
Email: tbrown46@uwyo.edu


Geology, Ph.D. University of Wyoming
Geology-Geophysics, B.S., Northern Arizona University, 2010



My primary areas of interest are structural petrology and the methods of quantitative textural analysis. Specifically, I use optical and electron microscopy to determine the size, shape, orientation, and spatial distribution of crystal populations in igneous, post-cumulus, and subsolidus systems to interpret dynamic processes.
Current research:
    -  Dynamics of layering and magmatic flow in lower ocean crust
    -  Development of plagioclase fabrics in in mafic and co-genetic magmatic terranes
    -  Active and passive strain records in deforming crystal mushes
Non-primary research:

As Laboratory Technician for the Materials Characterization Lab, I participate in and facilitate research for various departments across the University of Wyoming, other universities, industry, and the inquisitive public.  Some examples of the work are:

    -  Surface characterization on the micro- to nanoscale
    -  Crystallographic preferred orientation of natural and synthetic samples using Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)
    -  Compositional determination of materials by wavelength and energy dispersive spectroscopy

                these analyses include bulk sample and isolated phase compositions

   -  X-ray diffraction analyses of natural and synthetic samples   
   -  Basic instruction in sample preparation and instrument operation



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