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Dr. Dario Grana

Associate Professor

Dr. Dario Grana, Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming.Rock Physics and Reservoir Modeling
Office: Geology 223
Phone: 307-223-2079

Geology & Geophysics, Dept.3006
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071

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Geophysics, PhD, Stanford University, 2013 

Geophysics, MS, Stanford University, 2013 

Applied mathematics, MS, University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy), 2006

Mathematics, MS, University of Pavia, 2005

Mathematics, BS, University of Pavia, 2003

Selected Publications

  • Callahan R., Riebe C., Pasquet S., Ferrier K., Grana D., Sklar L., Taylor N., Flinchum B., Hayes J., B. Carr B., Hartsough P., Green A., and Holbrook S., 2020, Subsurface weathering revealed in hillslope-integrated porosity distributions, Geophysical Research Letters, accepted for publication.

  • Ayani M., Liu M., and Grana D., 2020, Statistical rock physics inversion of elastic and electrical properties for CO2 sequestration studies, Geophysical Journal International, 223(1), 707–724.

  • Ayani M., Liu M., and Grana D., 2020, Stochastic inversion method of time-lapse controlled source electromagnetic data for CO2 plume monitoring, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 100, 103098.

  • Azevedo L., Grana D., and de Figueiredo L., 2020, Stochastic Perturbation Optimization for discrete-continuous inverse problems, Geophysics, 85(5).

  • Liu M., and Grana D., 2020, Petrophysical characterization of deep saline aquifers for CO2 storage using ensemble smoother and deep convolutional autoencoder, Advances in Water Resources, 142, 103634.

  • Grana D., 2020, Bayesian petroelastic inversion with multiple prior models, Geophysics, 85(5), M57-M71.  

  • Talarico E., de Figueiredo L., and Grana D., 2020, Uncertainty quantification for seismic facies classification, Geophysics, 85(4), M43-M56. 

  • Claes, N., Paige, G.B., Grana, D. and Parsekian, A.D., 2020, Parameterization of a hydrologic model with geophysical data to simulate observed subsurface return flow paths: Vadose Zone Journal, 19(1), 20024

  • Grana D., and Azevedo L., 2019, Subsurface geostatistical modeling, Encyclopedia of Geology.

  • de Figueiredo L., Grana D., and Le Ravalec M., 2019, Revisited formulation of FFT-moving average, Mathematical Geosciences, 1-16.

  • Grana D., Azevedo L., and Liu M., 2019, A comparison of deep machine learning and Monte Carlo methods for facies classification from seismic data, Geophysics, 85(4), WA41-WA52.

  • Liu M., and Grana D., 2019, Time-lapse seismic history matching with iterative ensemble smoother and deep convolutional autoencoder, Geophysics, 85(1), M15-M31.

  • Grana D., de Figueiredo L., and Azevedo L., 2019, Uncertainty quantification in Bayesian inverse problems with model and data dimension reduction, Geophysics, 84(6), M15-M24.

  • Liu M., and Grana D., 2019, Accelerating geostatistical seismic inversion using TensorFlow: A heterogeneous distributed deep learning framework, Computers and Geosciences, 124, 37-35.

  • Lang X., and Grana D., 2019, Rock physics modeling and inversion for saturation and pressure changes in time-lapse studies, Geophysical Prospecting, 67 (7), 1912-1928.

  • de Figueiredo, L.P., Grana, D., Roisenberg, M. and Rodrigues, B.B., 2019, Multimodal McMC method for non-linear petrophysical seismic inversion, Geophysics, 84 (5), M1-M13.

  • de Figueiredo, L.P., Grana, D., Roisenberg, M. and Rodrigues, B.B., 2019., Gaussian Mixture McMC method for linear seismic inversion, Geophysics, 49 (4), 493-515.

  • Azevedo L., Grana D., and Amaro C., 2019, Geostatistical rock physics AVA inversion, Geophysical Journal International, 216 (3), 1728–1739.

  • Flinchum B., Holbrook S., Grana D., Parsekian A., Carr B., Hayes J., and Jiao J., 2018, Estimating the water holding capacity of the critical zone using near‐surface geophysics, Hydrological Processes, 32 (22), 3308-3326.

  • Wang H., Alvarado V., McLaughlin F., Bagdonas D., Kaszuba J., Campbell E., and Grana D., 2018. Low‐field nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of carbonate and sandstone reservoirs from Rock Spring Uplift of Wyoming, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123.

  • de Figueiredo L., Grana D., Bordignon F., Santos M., Roisenberg M., and Rodrigues B., 2018, Joint Bayesian inversion based on rock-physics prior modeling for the estimation of spatially correlated reservoir properties, Geophysics, 83 (5), M49-M61.

  • Grana D., 2018, Joint facies and reservoir properties inversion, Geophysics, 83 (3), M15-M24.

  • Lang X., and Grana D., 2018, Bayesian linearized petrophysical AVO approximation, Geophysics, 83 (3), M1-M14.

  • Liu M., and Grana D., 2018, Stochastic nonlinear inversion of seismic data for the estimation of petroelastic properties using the ensemble smoother and data re-parameterization, Geophysics, 83 (3), M25-M39.

  • Lang X., and Grana D., 2018, Linearized petrophysical AVO approximation and single-loop Bayesian petrophysical inversion of seismic data, Geophysics, accepted for publication. 

  • Fjeldstad T., and Grana D., 2018, Joint probabilistic petrophysics-seismic inversion based on Gaussian mixture and Markov chain prior models, Geophysics, 83 (1), R31-R42.

  • Wu W., and Grana D., 2017, Integrated petrophysics and rock physics modeling for well log interpretation of elastic, electric, and petrophysical properties, Journal of Applied Geophysics, published online.

  • Grana D., Fjeldstad T., and Omre H., 2017, Bayesian Gaussian mixture linear inversion for geophysical inverse problems, Mathematical Geosciences, 49 (4), 493-515.

  • Grana D., Verma S., Pafeng J., Lang X., Sharma H., Wu W., McLaughlin F., Campbell E., Ng K., Alvarado V., Mallick S., and Kaszuba J., 2017 A rock physics and seismic reservoir characterization study of the Rock Spings Uplift, a CO2 sequestration site in Southwestern Wyoming, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 63, 296-309.

  • Figueiredo L., Grana D., Santos M., Figuereido W., Roisenberg M., and Neto G.S., 2017, Bayesian seismic inversion based on rock-physics prior modeling for the joint estimation of acoustic impedance, porosity and lithofacies, Journal of Computational Physics, 336, 128-142.

  • Lang X., and Grana D., 2017, Geostatistical inversion of prestack seismic data for the joint estimation of facies and impedances using stochastic sampling from Gaussian mixture posterior distributions, Geophysics, 82 (4), M55-M65.

  • Koneshloo M., Aryana S., Grana D., and Pierre J., 2017, A workflow for static reservoir modeling guided by seismic data in a fluvial system, Mathematical Geosciences, published online.

  • Grana D., Lang X., Wu W., 2017, Statistical facies classification from multiple seismic attributes: comparison between Bayesian classification and Expectation-Maximization method and application in petrophysical inversion, Geophysical Prospecting, 65 (2), 544-562.

  • Grana D., 2016, Bayesian linearized rock-physics inversion, Geophysics, 81 (6), D625-D641.

  • Grana D., 2016, Pressure-velocity relations in reservoir rocks: modified MacBeth's equation, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 132, 234-241.

  • Schlanser K., Grana D., and Campbell-Stone E., 2016, Lithofacies classification in the Marcellus Shale by applying a statistical clustering algorithm to petrophysical and elastic well logs inversion, Interpretation, 4 (2), SE31-SE49.

  • Grana D., 2016, Rock physics modeling in conventional reservoirs, In: New Frontiers in Oil and Gas Exploration, Eds. Congrui J. and Cusatis G., Springer, 137-163.

  • Grana D. and Mukerji T., 2015, Bayesian inversion of time-lapse seismic data for the estimation of static reservoir properties and dynamic property changes, Geophysical Prospecting, 63 (3), 637- 655.

  • Grana D., Schlanser K., and Campbell-Stone E., 2015, Petro-elastic and geomechanical classification of lithologic facies in the Marcellus shale, Interpretation 3 (1), SA51-SA63.

  • Grana D., 2014, Probabilistic approach to rock physics modeling, Geophysics, 79 (4), D123-D143.

  • Dvorkin J., Gutierrez M., and Grana D., 2014, Seismic reflection of rock properties, Cambridge University Press.  [Purchase]

  • Grana D., Paparozzi E., Mancini S., and Tarchiani C., 2013, Seismic driven probabilistic classification of reservoir facies for static reservoir modelling: a case history in the Barents Sea, Geophysical prospecting, 61 (3), 613-629.

  • Grana D., Mukerji T., Dvorkin J., and Mavko G., 2012, Stochastic inversion of facies from seismic data based on sequential simulations and probability perturbation method, Geophysics, 77 (4), M53-M72.

  • Grana D., Mukerji T., Dovera L., and Della Rossa E., 2012, Sequential Simulations of Mixed Discrete-Continuous Properties: Sequential Gaussian mixture Simulation, Geostatistics Oslo 2012, Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics, Volume 17, 239-250.

  • Grana D., Pirrone M., and Mukerji T., 2012, Quantitative log interpretation and uncertainty propagation of petrophysical properties and facies classification from rock physics modeling and formation evaluation analysis, Geophysics, 77 (3), WA45–WA63.

  • Grana D., Dvorkin J., and Cibin P., 2011, Factor analysis prediction of effective stress from measurable rock attributes and calibration data, First Break, 29 (7), 63-72.

  • Grana D. and Dvorkin J., 2011, The link between seismic inversion, rock physics, and geostatistical simulations in seismic reservoir characterization studies, The Leading Edge, 30 (1), 54-61.

  • Grana D. and Della Rossa E., 2010, Probabilistic petrophysical-properties estimation integrating statistical rock physics with seismic inversion, Geophysics 75 (3), O21-O37.


I am a geophysicist with a background in mathematics and statistics and my research interests are: rock physics, seismic reservoir characterization, inverse problems, geostatistics, and time-lapse reservoir modeling. These are the topics that are the present focus of my research:

Bayesian inversion of time-lapse seismic data for reservoir property estimation,

Velocity-pressure relation in clastic reservoirs,

Joint inversion of EM and seismic data,

Seismic history matching.


The Geology & Geophysics Department offers a wide range of courses in geophysics. In the coming semesters I will be teaching Rock Physics and Reservoir Modeling. 

Student Opportunities

Students interested in working on one of the topics listed above are welcome to contact me at my email address.

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