Summer Field Camp Course Description

Summer Field Camp 09The geology field course develops skills of observation and interpretation while teaching the technical aspects of field mapping, stratigraphic interpretation and structural analysis. Preparation of maps, stratigraphic charts, geologic cross sections, and reports is a critical part of the course. The roving style of our camp also allows participants to gain perspective on the regional relationships of the Western North America area while developing these technical skills. The weather is often quite unpredictable this time of year, so try to be ready for anything from sunshine to snow and wind.

The course begins by travelling to California for 3 weeks mapping and sudying igneous, and sedimentary rocks, together with glacial deposits and stratigraphy work. This part of the course will be led by Dr Barbara John.

Then the class will then head east and south into Colorado to carry out ingneous mapping in the Summer Coon volcano with Dr. Ken Sims. After returning to Laramie, the class will then head out with Dr Jay Chapman, to an area yet to be decided, likely in Wyoming.

The final week of the field course will involve a hands-on geophysics project near Laramie to intruduce students to sub-surface mapping. Students will work in teams using several different types of geophysical equipment (Seismics, Gravity, Magnetics, and Electrical Methods) and produce a project for review at the end of the course.

The geology field course is intended for junior- and senior-level geology majors, but is also appropriate for beginning graduate students who do not yet have adequate background in field mapping. Participants are expected to have a firm grasp of basic geologic concepts. Courses in sedimentation and stratigraphy, and structural geology are prerequisite. The field course is comprehensive and is nationally recognized as providing a comprehensive introduction to geologic field techniques. The course makes full use of abundant "textbook-quality" field sites in California, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. Students should be prepared for variable weather (heat to snow), rigorous days in the field, and undeveloped camping conditions.

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