Students Build Connections Over Spring Break

Group of people in office
First-year law students Kayla Jones and Chance Harper (third and second from right) enjoyed a quick stint with the Weld County, Colorado, District Attorney’s Office in March.

Through Legal Liftoff, a mentorship program offered by the College of Law Office of Career Services, students spent part of their break with law firms, judges, and legal organizations. They developed skills and professional relationships; and for many, it was their first real-world introduction to the practice of law.

Says first-year student Chance Harper, “The program was an amazing opportunity as it allowed me to experience the day-to-day life at a DA’s office and learn the specific tasks I would be assigned starting the summer before my 3L year all the way to one year into the job with the DA’s office.”

Legal professionals in the program discussed issues, helped students develop positive practice protocols, and gained mentorship opportunities with young professionals early in their legal journey.

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