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Clinical Roles: DNP

Role of the Student

  • Maintain current RN licensure, CPR certification, and immunization status throughout the duration of the clinical courses

  • Assure that the clinical agency contract is secured and individual Preceptor Qualification Forms (PQFs) have been obtained from the clinical site and preceptors with which the student plans to do clinicals

  • Complete forms, tests, and any other prerequisites required by individual clinical facilities; observe agency policies

  • Contact the preceptor to set up an initial meeting; at this meeting, the student will share:

    • Curriculum vitae

    • Skills checklist, identifying learning needs and areas of experience

    • Schedule of days/times available for clinical experiences

  • Post anticipated clinical schedule to Typhon Computerized Tracking System; update if necessary

  • Be prepared, punctual, and follow NP student dress code for the clinical experience

  • Discuss weekly learning needs and objectives with preceptor(s)

  • Adhere to standards and scope of advanced practice nursing

  • Clearly and succinctly present all cases to the preceptor

  • Confer with preceptor and faculty to keep informed of progress

  • Document clinical encounters in Typhon Computerized Tracking System

  • Arrange faculty site visit with FNP faculty and clinical preceptor, when indicated

  • Contact clinical coordinator if problems or conflicts arise regarding scheduling, course objectives, or interpersonal difficulties

  • Arrange for any make-up time at the convenience of the preceptor

  • Evaluate preceptor by completing evaluation form, acknowledging contributions of site and preceptor to clinical learning

  • Complete written self-evaluation at end of each clinical rotation

  • Exemplify professional behavior as a token of good will to those who give of their time, effort, clinical expertise, and NP educational support

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Role of the Clinical Preceptor

  • Maintain licensure and certification in specialty area

  • Provide a list of “The Top 5-10 Diagnoses” encountered in your practice as a way for the student to prepare for their clinical experience with you

  • Be an expert role model

  • Review course objectives and determine feasibility of meeting them

  • Assist student in meeting and modifying personal objectives as needed

  • Negotiate dates and times for clinical experiences with student

  • Be present (or arrange a substitute experience for the student) at the agreed upon times/dates

  • Orient student to clinical site, agency policies, client records, staff, and resources

  • Draw upon student’s past experiences and education

  • Recommend additional resources and readings to fill learning gaps as indicated

  • Evaluate the student’s ability to obtain appropriate histories and physical examinations

  • Validate the student’s findings, consult with the student to ensure appropriate workup, treatment, and follow-up

  • Contact faculty promptly if any problems or concerns arise with the student

  • Provide informal ongoing feedback to the student

  • Provide formal feedback via telephone, Skype, or email at early and midway faculty check-ins; provide formal feedback during site visit (if indicated) and via electronic evaluation at the end of the student’s clinical experience

  • Schedule an evaluation meeting with the student at the end of the experience

  • Contribute to ongoing DNP program development by providing feedback to the clinical coordinator (Candy Stidolph) or program coordinator (Ann Marie Hart) as indicated

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Role of the Clinical Coordinator

  • Select student clinical experiences that match interests, strengths, and experiences of both the student and preceptor

  • Negotiate clinical contracts and letters of agreement with agency and preceptor

  • Validate completion of student health and professional requirements (RN licensure, malpractice insurance, CPR certification, and immunization status)

  • Provide preceptor with course objectives, student assignments, and evaluation tools

  • Maintain ongoing communication with preceptors

  • Serve as a liaison for the student and preceptor to resolve any barriers or problems that arise in the clinical rotation

  • Review clinical logs submitted by the student

  • Prepare a final written evaluation of the student’s clinical performance and share with the student

  • Provide preceptor with student feedback about clinical experience

  • Contact Information:
    Candy Stidolph, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
    Assistant Lecturer & DNP Clinical Coordinator
    1000 E. University Avenue, Dept. 3065 / Laramie, WY  82071-2000
    Phone: (307) 766-3906
    Fax: (307) 766-4294

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Page updated: 1/27/2017

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