Tuition and Fees

School of Pharmacy

Tuition and Fees

Information on tuition and fees can be found by visiting the University of Wyoming Student Financial Aid website. On the Cost of Attendance page, scroll down and click on the academic year. The comprehensive listing for pharmacy students is located in the Excel file.*

Undergraduate students and professional pharmacy students (for all four professional years) enrolled for 12 or more hours in a semester are considered to be attending full-time.

In addition to university and school fees applicable to all students, all students granted admission to the professional program pay a one-time non-refundable seat fee to guarantee their placement into the entering class. Upon matriculation, this fee is applied to the student's first-semester tuition.

Tuition and Fee Payment

Questions regarding tuition and fee payment should be directed to:

Accounts Receivable
Room 250 Knight Hall
(307) 766-6232

Questions regarding financial aid, scholarships, and loans should be directed to:

Student Financial Aid
Room 174 Knight Hall
(307) 766-2116

Please note that students entering into the professional program are considered, for financial aid purposes only, as undergraduate students for their first two years of pharmacy school and graduate students for their last two years of pharmacy school. Students are considered professional pharmacy students for all other purposes on campus.


*The University Trustees and the university administration reserve the right to change tuition and fees policies at any time.


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