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DMPtool aims to aid researchers in creating effective data management plans (DMPs), a group of organizations collaborated on the development of the DMPTool, an online application on that helps researchers create data management plans. The DMPTool provides detailed guidance and links to general and institutional resources and walks a researcher through the process of generating a comprehensive plan tailored to specific DMP requirements.

How to access it:

Go to hit "Log in" at that point you will be asked to select your institution so please select University of Wyoming and hit "Next" This will take you to a UW login page and all you need to enter is your UW username and password to start using the tool.

Using the tool:

Once logged in, you have options to view, create, and use DMP templates. To create a new DMP please click on "Create New DMP", then you can copy an existing DMP or start with a DMP template. To use a template click "Select Template" which will take you to a page where you can select whatever funding agency you are applying for i.e. NSF, NIH, DOE, etc .  and hit "next".  Then give your DMP a title in the "DMP Overview" page where you can enter other information as well. Once you click "Save and Next", you will have a box where you can type in your answers to the questions given in your selected template for each category that your DMP should address. Once finished, you can export your DMP as a pdf, docx, or simply print it from the DMP preview page, or submit it for review by myself or one of the data librarians.      

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