Physical Science and Engineering example

Sample Plan for Physical Sciences and Engineering (adapted from Rice University’s Data Management document)

The data obtained during the proposed project will consist of measurement records of electronic and optical properties of the nano devices, as described in the main body of the proposal. These records will consist chiefly of measurements of current as a function of voltage, conduction as a function of time, and Raman spectra as a function of wavenumber obtained via custom software. These data will be recorded via computerized data acquisition software, with essential metadata present either as header in the relevant electronic files, or included along with the indexed laboratory notebook narrative.

The data will provide an experimental look at the detailed dissipative processes at work in nanoscale junctions, as delineated in the main body of the proposal. As such, they will be of interest to the nanoelectronics community, as well as to the condensed matter physics and physical chemistry communities.

The electronic transport and optical spectra will be computer files generally in the form of tab- delimited numbers with header information. These computer files will be accompanied by dated laboratory notebooks, as well as by numerical data files analyzed using MATLABTM and commercial plotting software, such as OriginLabTM. A copy of the custom Raman spectrometer data acquisition software also will be included, since it is essential for interpreting the raw data files.

The electronic data will be preserved in multiple on-site backups in the form of DVDs and RAID hard drive storage. Copies of the electronic data will be preserved off-site at the University of Wyoming's storage facility which will provide a permanent, globally accessible URL, for data, secure replicated storage (including onsite and offsite storage) and a mechanism for generating and using metadata.

Original laboratory notebooks will be secured by the PI in his campus office or laboratory. If requested, access to the data will be provided via contact with the PI. Data will, in principle, be available for access and sharing as soon as is reasonably possible, and not longer than two years after the acquisition of the data. The data will be preserved for at least three years beyond the award period, as required by NSF guidelines.

This project will not involve the acquisition of either animal or human subjects data.

We do not anticipate that there will be any significant intellectual property issues involved with the acquisition of the data. In the event that discoveries or inventions are made in direct connection with this data, access to the data will be granted upon request once appropriate invention disclosures and/or provisional patent filings are made.

The data acquired and preserved in the context of this proposal will be further governed by the University of Wyoming’s policies pertaining to intellectual property, record retention, and data management.

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