Flipped Classroom

Flipping is moving content out of the class sessions in order to enable students to spend class time engaged in authentic, meaningful problem solving tasks.

In this 22-minute video, Rachel spends more time discussing flipped classrooms: 

Student testament:

"When classes were switched online during this past semester, Dr. Hoberg .transitioned to a flipped classroom where we were given practice sheets that explained the mechanisms and provided us with practice questions to do before class every day. At the beginning of the semester when we did practice problems during class I was overwhelmed and confused, and inevitably just waited for him to show us the correct mechanisms. After transitioning to the flipped classroom I was able to come to class with more of an understanding of what was going to be covered that day. When we would cover practice problems I was able to apply what I learned from the online mechanisms sheets and follow along with the processes rather than just copy everything down while still being confused. This allowed me to understand what I needed to work on, and generate questions during class whereas before I was unsure if I had the level of understanding to even know what it was that I was unsure of. Despite all the challenges from this last semester, transitioning organic chemistry into a flipped classroom really enhanced my ability to learn." 

- Sydney Comet, LAMP Learning assistant and Molecular and Microbiology Major

In this LAMP Coffee & Curriculum session, Deepthi Amarasuriya (2019-2020 LAMP Fellow and Physics instructor at Northwest College) describes her journey to a flipped classroom.

In this LAMP Coffee & Curriculum session, Anna Ortega and Jerod Merkle (Zoology and Physiology) present about flipping their Introduction to R class during the COVID-19 remote teaching