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Learning Actively Mentoring Program

LAMP is a comprehensive, sustained mentoring and professional development program with an emphasis on how to best adopt active learning strategies in large-scale active learning classrooms at UW.  It is a UW Top-Tier Science Initiative Program. Program goals include:

  • Improving student retention, success, and engagement in STEM classrooms.

  • Enabling all new and most existing STEM teaching faculty and teaching assistants to become trained in best practices and active learning strategies by 2022 by providing time and support, adequate teaching spaces, mentoring, and access to and interpretation of teaching and learning best practices and innovations.

  • Conducting "second generation" research on active learning in STEM in all classrooms, with an emphasis on what is working in AL classrooms, to investigate relationships between teaching practices and student success, literacy, engagement, and feelings of inclusion. 

  • Establishing professional development/collaboration opportunities for science instructors across the State with the goal of improving learning experiences for all Wyoming students as they transition through educational levels.

To learn more about LAMP's goals and acheivements, refer to our 2022 Strategic Plan, our 2021 Progress Update and our 2026 Strategic Plan.




Programs and Activities

LAMP provides a number of professional development opportunities for students and educators around the state with a focus on training STEM teaching faculty and teaching assistants in best practices and active learning strategies. 


Summer Institute and Yearlong Training On Active Learning

Supports UW PhD students, UW faculty, and WY community college faculty in incorporating active learning techniques and methods into their STEM curricula during an intensive summer retreat and year-long workshops.

LAMP Educator Learning Community

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Learning Assistants Program

Supports undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students as learning assistants in large gateway science courses taught in active learning classrooms.

LAMP Supports Fellows' NSF Grants

Prior and future LAMP Fellows are supported in writing their Educational Plan in their NSF CAREER Grants

LAMP Supports Wyoming's Inclusive Excellence Initiative

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LAMP Featured Fellow Mentors

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Community Engagement

Resources and Materials

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