UW Seed Analysis Lab

UW Seed Analysis Lab

Testing Seed in Wyoming

The Wyoming Seed Analysis Laboratory is funded by the State of Wyoming, and administered by the University of Wyoming to serve the seed testing needs of farmers, private and public seed buyers, seedsmen, the Wyoming Crop Improvement Association, University of Wyoming seed researchers, and the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. The lab is equipped with modern testing equipment necessary to perform tests on all kinds of seeds, and is staffed with one Registered Seed Technologist and three permanent-staff lab assistants. The Rules for Testing Seeds by the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA) are used as the basis for the purity analysis and germination tests performed in the seed lab.

Why Test?

Seed being sold in Wyoming must be labeled according to the Wyoming Seed Law and Regulations. The seed law requires all seed being sold to be labeled, and the label must include percentages of pure seed, other crop seed, weed seed, inert matter, and germination. A seed test will give the required values.

Testing saved seed will give the person using the seed a good understanding of the germination potential of his seed lot, and determine if the seed contains any problem weed seeds, including noxious weed seeds. It is advisable to check for problems before planting. If the seed lot has a low germination percentage, a good stand will not be achieved. If the seed lot has noxious weed seeds, or is contaminated with other crop and weed seeds, it may not be suitable for planting.


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