Energy Law and Policy Conference

November 6, 2018
Energy Law and Policy Conference

Students Attend Energy Law and Policy Conference

By: Sam Stein

Every year the Energy Law and Policy Conference is hosted in Laramie to discuss the current and potential energy issues, as well as the direction that energy may be heading within the next few years. Students within the School of Energy Resources are encouraged to attend this event to learn more about the energy industry and the law and politics surrounding it, as well as network with professionals. This year, several students from our program took the opportunity to attend different sessions, and one of our professors, Tara Righetti, moderated the oil and gas panel.

Jared Adams, a senior in the professional land management program attend a panel that discussed the emerging topics in energy. The panelists touched on areas such as the social cost of carbon in energy projects, the endangered species act, regulation rollbacks, and state oil and gas regulation. Here are Jared’s thoughts on the panel:

“The topic I found most interesting was led by Jake Haseman from Throne Law. He provided a roadmap of the system of regulations that are administered by the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC). Jake explained the permitting process currently employed by the commission, and discussed some of the issues associated with the current system. I thought Jake did a great job highlighting these areas.”

Having a basic understanding of the WOGCC is important for students and individuals interested in careers in the oil and gas sector. This is not a heavily covered topic in our curriculum, showing how important it is for students to attend conferences where they have an opportunity to learn more about the regulations and policies that they will encounter in the field.

Tara Righetti, a professor at the law school and School of Energy Resources, moderated the oil and gas panel and shared her thoughts with me on the discussion, “I really appreciated how the panel explored how regulation of oil and gas activities -- such as permitting, development on public lands, and venting and flaring -- is evolving through agencies and courts, rather than through the legislature. I also enjoyed Deputy Secretary Burnhardt's perspective on the work that they are doing in the Department of the Interior to optimize systems and increase efficiency. I valued that there was such a diverse showing of attendees across multiple industries and from all across the state and the Front Range. It was wonderful seeing so many of our students and program alums in attendance as well.”

Attending conferences and events such as the Energy Law and Policy Conference help students expand their knowledge outside of the classroom and learn valuable information that they can apply in internships and jobs. It is also a great way to network with industry professionals and get to know some of the finer details about the fields that they are interested in. Students are highly encouraged to attend any and all events that they can to network and learn more about the growing world of energy.

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