Carbon Engineering Lab at UW

January 24, 2019

SER in the News

The School of Energy Resources (SER) Carbon Engineering Lab was recently featured in the Wyoming Rural Electric News. Their main initiative is to develop new and additional uses for Wyoming coal and to find ways to expand its uses past biofuel and energy production. The Carbon Engineering Lab is one of nine research departments in the Centers of Excellence funded by SER.

Former Wyoming Governor Matt Mead sees an opportunity for the Wyoming economy to grow and diversify through research and outcomes at SER through Carbon Engineering and other research endeavors. There is a strong connection between the carbon engineering initiative and the Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming (ENDOW), as the mission to find new uses for coal would greatly benefit the Wyoming economy.

The focus of Carbon Engineering is to find ways to transform the coal decomposition products into products that are more valuable than the energy content of the coal itself. Development of products extends to all forms of coal decomposition products (solids, liquids, gasses) to create anything from carbon fibers to roofing materials and more. The products developed through research will benefit both Wyoming and society, as the natural resource can be used for far more than just energy production.

Diversifying the uses of coal will broaden the market and allow for substantial growth and development in the Wyoming economy. The potential to create a new market for coal products outside of energy production is an exciting prospect for the state and will help promote energy development in Wyoming as well as make Wyoming a leader in sustainable energy and economic growth and development.

Read more about the Carbon Engineering Lab (pages 17-20).

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