Can taking a personality test help me find a job?

February 13, 2019

Learn More About Your Personality

By Katrina Clymer, Academic Advising Professional

The short answer- Yes! A personality test can help you learn more about who you are and what you want to be when you grow up. The extended version, there are multiple factors at play when you are looking for a job. Location, rate of pay, skill set, and experience to name a few. Have you ever taken a career quiz or personality test? In addition to providing insight into your personal lives, these quizzes can help guide your job hunt by developing your understanding of how you engage with others in the world.

My advice, utilize as many resources as you can- especially those designed to help you narrow down your choices and ultimately get you to, you’re hired!

One of the most commonly used and highly regarded personality tests is Myers-Briggs. Developed by Carl Gustav Jung, the test establishes 16 personality types based upon 4 categories. After answering the questionnaire, your results tell you a few things: how you interact with others, how your style of interaction drives your choices, and what sort of careers may be a solid match for you based upon your personality type. Pretty cool, right?

Curious about what your personality/career type might be? Follow this link to take the MMDI (Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator) test. It uses Myers Briggs 16 four letter codes and produces a unique four letter code of its own. The unique thing about the MMDI- it factors in job enjoyment which is a priority more and more to candidates!

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