The Pinedale Anticline Development

March 8, 2019

Wyoming Energy History

The Pinedale Anticline Development began the rush for the development of natural gas in the state of Wyoming. 

Southwest of Pinedale, Wyoming, two fields began to see a steady increase in the flow of natural gas. This resulted in a natural gas boom that industrialized the local ranching and tourist economy, resulting in large impacts on the local wildlife and air quality.

The production of natural gas brought in millions of dollars’ worth or tax money and royalty revenues at the federal, state, and county level. Companies saw mass profits.

The Pinedale Anticline Project Area (PAPA) is located on a narrow 30-mile swath of land in central Sublette County, stretching just outside of the south end of the Pinedale town limits and reaching about 70 miles north to Rock Springs, Wyoming. By the early 2000, PAPA was one of the newest and most productive gas fields in the United States. The natural gas field has been a major contributor to the Wyoming and United States energy industry, boosting the local economy and supporting the use of natural gas throughout the US.

This article is provided through our partnership with Wyoming State Historical Society.

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