Wyoming Energy News

April 5, 2019

April 5th 

The School of Energy Resources features information about the energy industry on a weekly basis. Here is a recap of this week’s stories.

Baker Hughes Rig Counts

Baker Hughes reports the total rig counts this week. 

  • The U.S. rig count is up 19 rigs from last weeks to 1,025, with oil rigs up 15 to 831, gas rigs up 4 to 194, and miscellaneous rigs unchanged at 0.
  • The U.S. rig count is up 22 rigs from last year’s count of 1,003, with oil rigs up 23, gas rigs unchanged at 194, and miscellaneous rigs down 1.
  • The Wyoming rig count is unchanged at 36 rigs.
  • Colorado’s rig count has gone up 2 rigs from last week to 32.
  • New Mexico has gone up 3 rigs from last week to 107.
  • North Dakota is up to 61 rigs.
  • Texas has gone up 8 rigs from last week to 499.

Opening Prices from Bloomberg Energy April 5

  • West Texas Intermediate (WTI) has opened at $62.60, up from last weeks $59.53.
  • Brent Crude opened at $69.87, up from last week’s opening price of $68.01.
  • Natural gas opened at $2.66, down from last week’s $2.72.


  • Colorado lawmakers have approved Senate Bill 181, proposing massive changes for the oil and gas industry in the state. 9News reports how the bill is already impacting the industry and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. 
  • With a 19-16 vote, Senate Bill 181 has been passed by Colorado lawmakers. However, 9News reports that the state is aiming to reverse the new oil and gas regulations if they are signed into law by Governor Polis. 
  • According to an article by AP News, Wyoming Governor Gordon does not have any major plans to modify protections for the greater sage grouse in the state. This comes after U.S. officials gave states more flexibility to enact their own strategies for protecting the birds. 
  • John Schwartz, a science writer for The Times, recalls his journey to the top of a wind turbine in the Permian Basin. The long trip to the top and the view of the West Texas landscape gave the writer a new appreciation for wind energy. 
  • Black Hills Energy reports that Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed the Special Electric Utility Agreements statute (HB113) into law. The statue is aimed at enhancing opportunities to customize rate structures for customers requiring large amounts of power while protecting current customers from possible negative cost impacts. 
  • Net metering is the system that allows commercial and residential utility customers to create their own energy through renewable sources on their property. Any access production goes back into the electrical grid. The Gillette News Record reports on why this is one of the hot topics for committee in interim. 
  • The Casper Star Tribune reports on the expansion of Wyoming pipelines throughout the state to prepare for the next energy boom. 
  • North American Wind Power reports opportunities for wind research funding through the Department of Energy. 

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