UW School of Energy Resources Requests Nominations for Occidental Chair in Energy and Environmental Technologies

Nomination packet

The School of Energy Resources (SER) at the University of Wyoming is requesting nominations for the Occidental Chair in Energy and Environmental Technologies.

The Occidental Chair in Energy and Environmental Technologies seeks to enhance research excellence and scholarship, and to further develop technology for the economic benefit of the state of Wyoming and beyond.

The research focus of this endowed chair is inspired by Occidental’s and its subsidiary, Oxy Low Carbon Venture’s, pursuit of cutting-edge enhanced oil recovery technologies and processes and carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) projects motivated by reducing emissions of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2).

This chair will be awarded to a University of Wyoming distinguished faculty member in a science or engineering department whose research interests lie in CCUS. The successful candidate should exhibit an acute understanding of the behavior and long-term fate of CO2 in various environments in the geosphere – including but not limited to petroleum reservoirs and saline aquifers.

The awardee is expected to seek outcomes that will contribute to improving enhanced oil recovery as well as long-term storage of CO2. Furthermore, the awardee will strive to disseminate knowledge that results from his or her research to a broad spectrum of stakeholders with the goal of improving confidence in the safety of CO2 use and storage as a solution to emissions reduction.

This chair is intended to be impactful and focus on applied research. The successful candidate will work with the SER Executive Director to develop a strategic direction for research and outreach and will also participate in a periodic review of the strategic direction of the chair.

”The University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources is grateful for Occidental’s support of this endowed chair, which will drive excellence, scholarship and interdisciplinary collaboration focused on CCUS—a technology of paramount importance to the State of Wyoming as well as a field in which Occidental has long been a global leader,” says SER Executive Director Holly Krutka.

Members of the faculty—especially academic unit heads—are encouraged to nominate colleagues who they wish to have considered for this recognition. Self-nomination is also encouraged. To nominate, please submit a nomination dossier for review by the selection committee.

For more information on the Occidental Chair in Energy and Environmental Technologies, including nomination requirements, please download the formal announcement here.

The deadline for nominations will be December 4, 2020. Please submit nominations and any questions to SER Executive Director, Holly Krutka at hkrutka@uwyo.edu and copy Trish Steger at psteger@uwyo.edu.


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