Request for Proposals: Rocks & Reservoirs Phase 2

cover pafe of RFP

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI), in collaboration with the Center of Innovation for Flow through Porous Media (COIFPM), the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (SER) and the Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA) is seeking proposals for Rock & Reservoirs Phase 2. 

COIFPM/EORI/SER/WEA have teamed up as a “Consortium” to use innovation to drive increased production for Wyoming producers, something that is intrinsic to each of their missions.

This program is designed to acquire real world Wyoming reservoir characterization and operating data in partnership with Wyoming operators.  Data acquired will be used by the Consortium to further research, engineering, and geologic analysis of Wyoming reservoirs and to suggest improved economic methods for recovering more 4 stranded oil and gas to enhance the commercial viability of Wyoming operations.

Phase 1 of the Rocks & Reservoirs program was a success and yielded results in several organizations around the state in a varied collection of geological traps and structures that produce oil and gas. With an eye to maintain appropriate formation diversity, the Consortium wishes to expand the use, capacity, and expertise housed in their respective units.

This program is open to all Wyoming oil and gas operators doing business and producing oil and gas from reservoirs in the State of Wyoming.

For a more in-depth description of the program and to view the proposal requirements, interested parties can download the full Request for Proposals (RFP)

Proposers are required to submit an electronic copy of the required proposal to EORI’s Director, Dr. Steven Carpenter at for consideration.


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