New UW EORI Report Provides Insights on Enhancing Oil Production From New Finds


The University of Wyoming’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) has published a study illustrating some of the methodology used to determine the best plan of action for improving production upon discovery of a new oil and gas field or reservoir.

Reservoir characterization and predictive modeling have provided options for enhancing production in a recently discovered trend in the Muddy Formation near Hirsch Field in northeastern Campbell County. This report outlines the procedures followed to develop a detailed three-dimensional geologic model of the Muddy Formation in the Hirsch area and provides the results of simulations run on 73 different scenarios for developing the reservoir.

This study can serve as a template for operators interested in exploring possible ways to improve production in their own fields. Download the publication here.

The mission of EORI is to facilitate a meaningful and measurable increase in recoverable reserves and production of oil and natural gas in Wyoming that may otherwise not be realized. Key to this is the effective and efficient transfer of relevant technology, information and knowledge to Wyoming producers. EORI believes that its mission is being met when producers consider EORI a vital source of relevant technology, information, expertise and knowledge for Wyoming fields.


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