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The UW Department of Music is the perfect place to develop your facility with music at the technical, artistic and practical levels. If music has long been a part of your life, consider joining our shared music community to continue study on your applied instrument, perform with our wide array of ensembles and explore the academic and theoretical sides of music. Our B.A. program offers creativity and the flexibility to forge your own career path in music!

About the B.A. in Music at UW

The B.A. in music degree is for those who have musical talents and interests (vocal or instrumental) and would like more flexibility in a music degree to take a variety of courses outside the major.

This is a broad liberal arts degree with a 58-credit core music curriculum. Majors have the freedom to explore the potential for future careers in the music and arts industry such as arts management, entrepreneurship and audio technology.

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The B.A. degree is the only music degree at UW for which there is no required entrance audition. Students may, however, audition for scholarship consideration during our annual Audition Days.



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What Can You Do with a Music Degree?

In addition to honing your music performance skills, a B.A. in music opens several career paths to choose from. Some graduates go on to teach, while others pursue graduate studies or audio engineering. This degree is designed with flexibility in mind—so it really comes down to what you want to do!

Music Careers

  • Advanced Music Degree
  • Education
  • Music Therapy
  • Arts Management/Administration
  • Music Contract Law
  • Radio Programming
  • Audio Recording/Engineering
  • Acoustic Engineering
  • Arts Advocacy
  • Arts Councils
  • Gaming Music Composition


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Here are just a few places where UW music alumni are making a difference:

  • Arts Management programs at Florida State University
  • Music Therapy program at Colorado State University and Queen Margaret’s University, Scotland
  • Grand Teton Music Festival (music education outreach coordinator)
  • St. John’s Health System
  • Jackson, WY (music therapist)
  • Self-employed music therapist
  • UW Foundation (associate director of stewardship)
  • Westword magazine (marketing and promotions coordinator)
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Music Program Highlights

Not all music programs are created equal. Here are a few highlights that place UW above the rest:

Professional Certificates

The Department of Music offers two certificates that can be added to any music degree, non-music degree or taken by any non-degree-seeking student. These certificates are designed to improve student marketability in an ever-changing music workforce. 


There is ample room in the electives category for study abroad opportunities, language study or courses that complement career paths (e.g. psychology, health sciences, communication and journalism business and marketing).

Independent Study

B.A. students can apply for summer independent study/research awards. Past recipients have studied abroad or undertaken original composition and recording projects. This a great opportunity to try something creative!

Outstanding Music Faculty

Along with our academic and performance faculty with whom you’ll study, our Professional Certificate faculty are also experienced in their areas of expertise: music technology/audio recording and music entrepreneurship/marketing.


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