Wyoming Research

Every fall by October 1st, research faculty at the University of Wyoming are invited to submit a research project proposal for first year medical students. These students are required to complete a 9-week project to fulfill their scholarship requirement during their summer after their first year of medical school. Faculty who would like to become mentors and submit a project for summer or even long-term projects can contact: Emily Schmitt, PhD Wyoming WWAMI Research Coordinator.

Each year, the WWAMI program provides up to $10,000 to divide among competitive research proposals (not to exceed $2,000 per Principal Investigator) to support research activities like conferences, lab supplies, etc. for the medical students they mentor. These projects, once completed, will be presented in poster format by the students in the fall (usually November) at Ivinson Memorial Hospital at our annual Wyoming WWAMI Student Research Symposium where students present their projects to hospital administrators, physicians, researchers, and the public.  Students go through the judging process and, if appropriate, are presented awards for their research. In addition, many of these projects are then presented at the Western Student and Resident Medical Research Forum (WSMRF) held annually at the end of January in Carmel, CA.  WSMRF has evolved to become the largest faculty mentored student and resident research meeting in the U.S., with over 450 abstracts presented by students, residents, and faculty each year. Learn more about WSMRF at https://www.wsmrf.net/


Current University of Wyoming Faculty and Physician Research Mentors

Emily Schmitt

Emily E. Schmitt, PhD

WWAMI Research Coordinator

Kinesiolgy and Health

(307) 766-5286 | eschmit4@uwyo.edu

Resarch Lab

Danielle Bruns

Danielle R. Bruns, PhD

Kinesiolgy and Health

(307) 766-5290 | dbruns1@uwyo.edu

Research Lab 

Joseph McGinley

Joseph McGinley, MD, PhD


(307) 234-6963 | mcgjoe26@yahoo.com

Katelyn Kotlarek

Katelyn Kotlarek, PhD

Communication Disorders

(307) 766-5753 | kkotlare@uwyo.edu

Research Lab

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson, PhD

Kinesiology and Health

(307) 766-5282 | evan.johnson@uwyo.edu


Previous Faculty Mentored Projects

Trey Thompson Joseph McGinley, MD, PhD Etiology of Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome and a Non-Surgical Treatment 1st Place
Jacob Zumo Danielle R. Bruns, PhD Age-specific cardiac outcomes induced by isoproterenal  People's Choice



WWAMI E-21 Research Projects

Alvarado, Saul Neuronal Ensembles that Drive Reward-Seeking Behavior in Mice Models of Heroin Use Laramie, WY
Eckhardt, Carter Prevalence of Tracheostomy Placement in Patients with Skeletal Dysplasia Seattle, WA
Martinez, Sara Impact of Dermatology Access in Rural Melanoma Detection  Casper, WY
Mossman, Audrey Aortoiliac Tortuosity and Fenestrated Endovascular Repair Seattle, WA
O'Neill, Colin 3D-Printed Degradable Microneedles for Controlled Drug Release in Central Nervous System Seattle, WA