Question: What is the password security feature used for?

Answer: Enabling the password security feature on your handheld ensures that only you have access to the information that is stored on your BlackBerry. The password security on your BlackBerry is synonymous to logging into your computer each day with your user name and password.

Please follow these instructions to enable the password on your BlackBerry:

  1. Select Options>Security>Enable
  2. Enter your chosen password. Please be aware that the BlackBerry will reject your password if it is weak (for example, 123456).
  3. Next, if you want your BlackBerry to lock after a certain period of inactivity, you must activate the Security Timeout: Options>Security>Security Timeout>Enable and choose the time. Once your BlackBerry is locked, you must enter your password to gain access.
  4. You also have the option to lock your handheld manually. To do so, select the Lock icon on your homescreen.

Please be aware that if you enter your password incorrectly 10 times, all data on your handheld will be deleted permanently. This is a security feature. In the event that this occurs, please contact the IT Telecom Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option #2 to have your BlackBerry reactivated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Telecom Help Desk at 766-4357, option 2.

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