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University of Wyoming

Insects in the Home

The following list of common insects in Wyoming homes is based on citizen's identification requests to the University of Wyoming's Extension Entomology faculty.

Beneficial Insects: These insects won't harm you; in fact, they might be your best friend in pest defense. Regardless, you might not want them in your home, so simply remove the insect with a jar or rag and put it outside. If you see more than one, look for their entryway into the house and seal the cracks.
Spider Wasp:
Minor Insect Pests: These insects are not a major problem in low numbers, but may be more problematic pests when their numbers increase. To prevent their spread, try IPM practices such as modifying areas of high humidity (remove water sources by fixing plumbing leaks or venting bathrooms and kitchens), sealing entryways, vacuuming, and sanitation before using chemical treatments.
Carpet Beetles:
Red Flour Beetle:   
Stored Grain Insects of Wyoming
Major Insect Pests: These insects are major health or economic pests in homes and buildings. They fall into a pest category of zero tolerance. In other words, finding a single individual merits your immediate pest management action. Discover where they come from, how to physically modify the environment to the pest's detriment, and treat the area of concern.
Insects Affecting Man
Western Subterranean Termites: