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Economics 3020
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College of Business

University of Wyoming

I teach in the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Wyoming. At the undergraduate level, I teach microeconomics, mathematical economics, industrial organization, and econometrics. At the graduate level I teach industrial organization and a course on experimental methods.

My research interests lie in the area of industrial organization. Many of my papers analyze data from experimental markets. Representative publications are:

Owen R. Phillips, Amy M. Nagler, Dale J. Menkhaus, Shanshan Huang, and Christopher T. Bastian, Trading Partner Choice and Bargaining Culture in Negotiations, Journal of Economics Behavior and Organization, Volume 105, September 2014, pp. 178-190. (pdf)

 Darlington M. Sabasi, Christopher T. Bastian, Dale J. Menkhaus, and Owen R. Phillips, Committed Procurement in Privately Negotiated Markets: Evidence from Laboratory Markets, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 95(5), August 2013, pp. 1122-1135. (pdf)

W. Kip Viscusi, Owen R. Phillips, and Stephan Kroll, "Risky Investment Decisions: How Are Individuals Influenced by Their Groups," Forthcoming Journal of Risk and Uncertainy, Volume 43, July 2011, pp. 81-106. (pdf)

From 2010-2016 I served as Associate Dean for Faculty in the College of Business. In August 2016 I became Director of Assessment and Faculty Development in the college.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: V:\images\fishing.jpgMy outside interests are in fly fishing and whitewater rafting. A good trip combines both. I have rowed the Colorado River down the Grand Canyon, the Middle Fork of the Salmon, and the Selway River. I catch and release my fish. The rainbow trout shown here was returned to the water after the photo.

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