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Chemical Inventory|Chemical Stockroom

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Coordinator, Hazardous Stores
Bryce Barker
Physical Science, Room 20
Phone: 307-766-4348
Acetic Acid Glacial 2.5L
Acetic Anhydride 500mL
Acetone ACS 1L
Acetone ACS 20L
Acetone ACS 4L
Acetone HPCL 4L
Acetone HPLC 1L
Acetonitrile HPLC 1L
Acetonitrile HPLC 4L
Acetylene 140 cubic feet
Agar Biotech Grade 500g
Air Compressed T
Alum Ammon Sulfate 500g
Alum Cloride Anhyd 500g
Alum Nitrate 9-Hyd 500g
Alum Oxide 98.5% 250g
Ammon Acet Grade 500g
Ammon Bicarb 500g
Ammon Chloride 500g
Ammon Hydroxide 2.5L
Ammon Hydroxide 500mL
Ammon Iron(ll) Sulfate 100g
Ammon Molybdate 4H20 500g
Ammon Oxalate 1H20 Pur 500g
Ammon Phophate Dibasic 500g
Ammon Sulfate 500g
Amyl Alcohol - 500mL
Arginine Free Base 100g
Argon UHP
Ascorbic Acid L 25g
Barium Chloride 500g
Batteries 9V
Batteries AA pk/4
Batteries AAA pk/4
Batteries C
Batteries D
Benzene HPLC 1L
Bi-Ox Gas
Boric Acid 500g
Buffer Liquid - pH10 500mL
Buffer Liquid - pH4 500mL
Buffer Liquid - pH7 500mL
Buffer Storage Solution
Buffer Tablet - pH10
Buffer Tablet - pH2
Buffer Tablet - pH3
Buffer Tablet - pH4
Buffer Tablet - pH7
Buffer Tablet - pH9
Butanol ACS 1L
Butanol ACS 4L
Calc Carbonate 99% 500g
Calc Chloride - Dihydrate 3kg
Calc Chloride Desicant 500g
Calc Gluconate 500g
Calc Hydroxide 500g
Calc Nitrate 1kg
Calc Phosphate - Dibasic 500g
Calc Sulfate 99% Anhy 100g
Carbon Chips 8 oz
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide (Siphon)
Carbon Disulfide 500mL
Celite 500g
Chloroform - D 100g
Chloroform - D w/TMS 100g
Chloroform HPLC 1L
Chloroform HPLC 4L
Citric Acid 500g
Cleaner Air Duster
Cleaner Ajax
Cleaner Alconox 4lbs.
Cleaner All-Purpose Bleach
Cleaner Bleach 3L
Cleaner Degreaser Simple Green
Cleaner Dish Soap
Cleaner Formula 409
Cleaner Handsoap
Cleaner Liquinox
Cleaner Micro-90 1L
Cleaner Windex
Cleaner-Clorox Wipes
Cupric Chloride 125g
Cupric Chloride Dihy 500g
Cupric Nitrate 500g
Cupric Nitrate Trihydrate 100g
Cupric Sulfate H2O 500g
Cyclohexane ACS 20L
Cyclohexane ACS 4L
Cyclohexane HPLC 1L
Cyclohexanone 500mL
Decane Anhydrous 1L
Deuterium Oxide 99.9%
Dextrose (Glucose) 500g
Dimethylformamide HPLC 1L
Dimethylsulfoxide 500mL
Dioxane 500mL
Drierite Ind 8 Mesh 1lb
Drierite Ind 8 mesh 5lb
Drierite NonInd 8 Mesh 1lb
Drierite NonInd 8 Mesh 5lb
Epoxy Cups
Epoxy Syringe
Ethanol 200 Proof 20L
Ethanol 200 Proof 4L
Ethanol 200 Proof 500mL
Ethanol HPLC 4L
Ether ACS 1L
Ether ACS 20L
Ether ACS 4L
Ethyl Acetate ACS 1L
Ethyl Acetate ACS 20L
Ethyl Acetate ACS 4L
Ethyl Acetate HPLC 1L
Ethyl Acetate HPLC 4L
Ethylene Glycol 1 G
Ethylene Glycol 500mL
Ferric Chloride 500g
Ferric Nitrate 500g
Ferric Sulfate 7-Hydrate 500g
First Aid Kit
Formaldehyde - Sol 10% Buf 4L
Formaldehyde 37% 500mL
Formic Acid Rgnt Grd 500mL
Glue Super
Glycerol 500mL
Grease Vacuum 5.3oz
Hand Lotion
Helium UHP
Heptane 99% 20L
Heptane 99% 4L
Heptane HPLC 4L
Hexanes ACS 20L
Hexanes ACS 4L
Hexanes HPLC 1L
Hydrochloric Acid 2.5L
Hydrochloric Acid 500mL
Hydrofluoric Acid  500mL
Hydrogen 195 cubic feet
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% 100mL
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% 500mL
Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride
Isobutanol ACS 4L
Isopropanol ACS 1L
Isopropanol ACS 20L
Isopropanol ACS 4L
Isopropanol HPLC 1L
Isopropanol HPLC 4L
Magnesium Chloride HexHyd 500g
Magnesium Nitrate 6H20 500g
Magnesium Sulfate 7H20 500g
Magnesium Sulfate Anhy 500g
Manganese Chloride 4H20 125g
Mannitol - D 500g
Methanol ACS 1L
Methanol ACS 20L
Methanol ACS 4L
Methanol Anhydrous ACS 500ml
Methanol HPLC 1L
Methanol HPLC 4L
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 1L
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 4L
Methyl Salicylate 250mL
Methyl T- Butyl Ether HPLC 4L
Methylene Chloride ACS 20L
Methylene Chloride ACS 4L
Methylene Chloride HPLC 1L
Methylene Chloride HPLC 4L
Mineral Oil 1L
Nitric Acid 2.5L
Nitric Acid 500mL
Nitrogen Customer Owned
Nitrogen UHP
Octanol - 2 ACS 500mL
Oil Vac Pump CMP 70 1G
Oil Vac Pump Duoseal 1qt
Oil Vac Pump Edwards 19
Pentane HPLC 1L
Petroleum Ether ACS 20L
Petroleum Ether ACS 4L
Phenol 500g
Phenolpthalein Powder 100g
Phosphoric Acid 500mL
Phosphoric Acid 85% 2.5L
Potassium Acetate 500g
Potassium Bicarbonate 500g
Potassium Bromide 500g
Potassium Carbonate  500g
Potassium Chlorate  500g
Potassium Chloride 2.5kg
Potassium Chloride 500g
Potassium Dichromate 100g
Potassium Hydro Phth 100g
Potassium Hydroxide 2.5kg
Potassium Hydroxide 500g
Potassium Iodide 500g
Potassium Nitrate 500g
Potassium Permanganate 500g
Potassium Phos Di 500g
Potassium Phos Mono 500g
Potassium Sulfate 500g
Potassium Thiocyanate 500g
Propylene Glycol  1L
Pyridine - HPLC 1L
Pyridine 500mL
Salicylic Acid 500g
Sand 500g
Silica Gel Indicating 2.5kg
Silicone Oil 500mL
Silver Nitrate 25g
Snoop 236mL
Sodium Acetate 500g
Sodium Azide 100g
Sodium Benzoate 500g
Sodium Bicarbonate 3kg
Sodium Bicarbonate 500g
Sodium Bicarbonate Tech Grade
Sodium Bisulfate 500g
Sodium Bromide 500g
Sodium Carbonate Anhyd 3kg
Sodium Carbonate Anhyd 500g
Sodium Chloride 3kg
Sodium Chloride 500g
Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 500g
Sodium Hexametaphosphate 500g
Sodium Hydroxide 3kg
Sodium Hydroxide 500g
Sodium Iodide 125g
Sodium Iodide 500g
Sodium Nitrate 500g
Sodium Nitrite 500g
Sodium Nitroferricyanide 25g
Sodium Oxalate 500g
Sodium Phos Mono Anhyd 500g
Sodium Phosphate Di 500g
Sodium Phosphate Di 7H20 500g
Sodium Phosphate Mono 500g
Sodium Salicylate 500g
Sodium Sulfate 10H20 500g
Sodium Sulfate Anhy 2.5kg
Sodium Sulfate Anhy 500g
Sodium Sulfite Anhy 500g
Sodium Tet. Borate 10H2O 1kg
Sodium Thiosulfate 2.5kg
Sodium Thiosulfate 500g
Spill Kit Absorbant
Spill Kit Acid Neutralizer
Spill Kit Base Neutralizer
Strontium Chlroide 500g
Sucrose 500g
Sulfur 500g
Sulfuric Acid 2.5L
Sulfuric Acid 500mL
Talc Powder Purified 500g
Tetrahydrofuran HPLC 1L
Toluene ACS 1L
Toluene ACS 20L
Toluene ACS 4L
Toluene Anhydrous 1L
Toluene HPLC 4L
Trichloroacetic Acid 100g
Trichloroethylene 500mL
Triethylamine Reagent 500ml
Tris Base 500g
Urea High Purity 500g
Water HPLC 4L
Xylene - O 500mL
Xylenes 500mL
Zinc Acetate 500g
Zinc Chloride 100g
Zinc Nitrate 500g
Zinc Oxide 500g
Zinc Sulfate 500g

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