We welcome sponsorship from Laramie, scholarly, and Scottish organizations, businesses, and individuals. If you wish to sponsor one of our plenary speakers or a social event, or to provide support for students, please contact Caroline McCracken-Flesher, conference director. cmf@uwyo.edu

This conference is extremely grateful for support from our sponsors so far:

  • The College of Arts and Sciences, and Dean Oliver Walter
  • Academic Affairs, and Provost Myron Allen
  • The Office of the President, the University of Wyoming Foundation,
    and President Tom Buchanan
  • University of Wyoming Department of English, and Chair Peter Parolin
  • University of Wyoming Office of Research, and Vice President Bill Gern
  • The Clan Scott Society, Chieftain Kelly Scott Davis, and Charles Sherwood
  • The Caledonian Foundation and Clark Scott
  • University of Wyoming Libraries and Dean Maggie Farrell
  • University of Wyoming Art Museum and Susan Moldenauer
  • University of Wyoming American Heritage Center and Mark Greene
  • University of Wyoming Outreach School and Dean Maggi Murdock
  • Murdock Law Firm, Laramie, and Nick Murdock
  • Professor Frank Jordan