ISRAEL TRAVEL COURSE MAY 2012Description: Z:\2012\Summer 2012\Study_Abroad_ISRAEL2012_files\image001.jpg


RELI 2040: Religions of the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Israel (Available also as RELI 4900). 3 credit hours   [CH, G]:


Description: C:\Documents and Settings\sward\My Documents\My Pictures\Israel2010\UW-Religious Studies on Mt. of Olives.JPGThis course introduces students to the religions, history and contemporary dynamics of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Students will visit historic and sacred sites and meet with contemporary leaders in Jerusalem, Galilee, and throughout Israel. Visits and lectures analyze the origins and development of three major religions that arose in the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as traditions such as Baha’i, Druze and LDS with a presence in Israel. The course will spend time in Jerusalem, the eternal city, and “non-stop” Tel Aviv. Travel in Israel provides an outstanding opportunity to understand the basic principles, historical development, political and cultural context, and structure of each religion and to encounter religious festivals and observances.  Students will prepare for this journey with 15 hours of pre-travel seminars, readings, informal meetings and research in Wyoming. Two weeks of travel.


An optional third week is planned (at extra cost) to visit more historic, cultural, and tourist sites. In the past these have included Petra and the traditional location of Mount Sinai.


Tentative departure: On or about May 14 2012                                                                                 Description: Z:\2012\Summer 2012\Study_Abroad_ISRAEL2012_files\image009.jpg


Estimated Cost: $3600 + $100 Study Abroad Fee + tuition

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Contact: Seth Ward (, 6-9273 (307 766 9273) Description: C:\Documents and Settings\sward\My Documents\My Pictures\2011 dome of the rock-A.jpg


Highlights of previous trips: Jerusalem—Western Wall, Holy Sepulchre, Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock, Mt. of Olives/Ascension of Jesus, Jerusalem Day with the Mayor. Tel Aviv: Beach and Shopping. Camel riding. Climbing Masada. University tours. Galilee Boat Ride. 2011 Video


Description: Z:\2012\Summer 2012\Study_Abroad_ISRAEL2012_files\image004.jpgDescription: Z:\2012\Summer 2012\Study_Abroad_ISRAEL2012_files\image007.jpgDescription: Z:\2012\Summer 2012\Study_Abroad_ISRAEL2012_files\image006.jpg







Photos include: Western Wall; UW students in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; Greek Orthodox procession; Prof. Utterback and friend; camels; photo with Mayor of Jerusalem; Seth Ward lecturing in Safed synagogue 


UW Religious Studies is also sponsoring a travel course by Dr. Antoinette

DeNapoli. Students participating in both may fly directly from Israel to India.

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Information Sheet.

Registration Information: Pre-registration works through the instructor. Email to indicate your interest.


Participants should submit an essay of about a page (250-300 words) about their reasons for participation in this course, and how it fits into their educational goals. At the heading of the essay please note your name, W number, and indicate that you plan to take this for credit, or any special credit request (“default” is RELI2040, but you may need to have the course listed as RELI4500 or RELI4900 or arrange for Spring-term credit). Registration and payment of a deposit by February 1 to cover airfare or as soon as possible after that time, and payment of all additional fees by April 1. For more details click here.


Topic: The course topic is “Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the State of Israel”  Participants will have an excellent sense of modern Israel as well as perspectives on Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious experiences. The dates are set to afford an opportunity to experience various festivals, including Ascension Day, Jerusalem Day, and the Jewish festival of Shavuot in the Holy Land.


Plan for the course: Expect about 15 hours preparation before departure. Study Abroad helps assure that all necessary paperwork is in order. No prior visa is necessary for US citizens to visit Israel.


Dates: The dates in the announcement are tentative and may be determined by availability and other considerations.


Academic Credit Requirements: Academic requirements for those seeking 3 credits include attendance at all tours or lectures in Israel; a short paper on a site we will visit, submitted before we leave—and your explanation of the site while we are there; and a paper or project at the end of the course. It may be possible to register in Spring term, or for one credit only, or to combine with Independent Study.


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Funding: The University of Wyoming has a number of scholarship programs to support Study Abroad. Tuition grants such as Hathaway Scholarships might, and student loans and other types of financial aid may be applicable to costs of this program. The Instructor and International Programs will work with students to maximize funding possibilities.


Non UW Students: Students not matriculated at the University of Wyoming can participate; there is a $40 application fee to become a special student. Credits should transfer towards your degree. UW tuition is probably less than equivalent tuition at your home college or university. Please contact the Instructor for details. (UW non-degree application).


Community: Community participation is welcome! Community participants may register as non-matriculated students. These credits may be eligible to meet professional continuing education requirements. (UW non-degree application).


INFO: Instructor Office 307 766 9273. Mobile 303 981 7561