Thorsten Janus

Associate Professor,University of Wyoming

353 East Business Building, College of Business, Department of Economics and Finance, Dept. 3985

Laramie, WY 82071. Email: Ph.: 1-307-766-3384. Fax: 1-307-766-5090




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Econ 4700: Economic Development

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Economic Development Research

 (w/ Daniel Riera-Crichton) Economic Shocks, Civil War & Ethnicity (R&R, Journal of Development Economics)

(w/ Helle Malmvig). To end Syria civil war, West must guarantee minorities' safety with peacekeeping force Christian Science Monitor 07/25/2013

(with Johnson Gwatipedza) Fiscal Policy & Social Unrest in a “Soft” Autocracy

How Does Relative Group Size Affect Civil War Risk?

 The Political Economy of Fertility (working paper),  Public Choice 155, 3-4, 493-505

Odious Debt in an Imperfect World, (working paper) Appendix forthcoming, Review of Development Economics

Natural Resource Extraction and Civil Conflict (working paper) Appendix Journal of Development Economics 97, 1, 24-31, 2011

Trust and Culture International Game Theory Review 11, 2, 199-206, 2009

Interventions and Conflict Incentives, Ethnopolitics 8, 2, 191-208, 2009

Democracy, Capital Flows, and Odious Debt, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 18, 2, 207-34, 2009

(w/ Jamus Lim) Sticks and Carrots: Two Incentive Mechanisms Supporting Intra-Group Cooperation, Economics Letters 103, 2, 177-80, 2009

Aid and the Soft Budget Constraint, Review of Development Economics 13, 2, 264-75, 2009


International Finance Research

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) International Gross Capital Flows: A New Measure and Application to a Global Panel of External Financial Crises, Journal of Policy Modeling 35, 1, 16-28

(with Yothin Jinjarak and Manachaya Uruyos) Sovereign Default Risk, Over-­confident Investors and Diverse Beliefs: Theory and Evidence from a New Dataset on Outstanding Credit Default Swaps, Journal of Financial Stability 9, 3, 330-36

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) Banking Crises, External Turmoil and the Role of Gross Foreign Investment Reversals (R&R, World Bank Economic Review)

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) The Output Effects of Gross Foreign Investment Reversals (R&R, Oxford Economic Papers)

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) Real Exchange Rate Volatility, Economic Growth and the Euro  (R&R, Journal of Economic Integration)

Can Abandonment Options Decrease Investment Returns?



Econ 1010: Principles of Macroeconomics

Econ 1020: Principles of Microeconomics

Econ 3010: Intermediate Macroeconomics

Econ 4350: Game Theory

Econ 4700: Economic Development

Econ 4720: International Trade

Econ 5300: Game Theory

Econ 5720: Advanced International Trade

MBAM/MBAX 5330: Advanced Managerial Economics/Global Business Environment