Thorsten Janus

Associate Professor, University of Wyoming

267 West Business Building, College of Business

Department of Economics and Finance, Dept. 3985

Laramie, WY 82071


Ph.: (+1) (307) 766-3384

Fax: (+1) (307) 766-5090




Economic Development Research

(w/ Daniel Riera-Crichton) Economic Shocks and Battle Deaths in Civil Wars

 (w/ Daniel Riera-Crichton) Economic Shocks, Civil War & Ethnicity (forthcoming, Journal of Development Economics)

 (with Johnson Gwatipedza) Fiscal Policy & Social Unrest in a “Soft” Autocracy

How Does Relative Group Size Affect Civil War Risk?

 The Political Economy of Fertility (working paper),  Public Choice 155, 3-4, 493-505

Odious Debt in an Imperfect World, (working paper) Review of Development Economics 16, 2, 305-17Appendix

Natural Resource Extraction and Civil Conflict (working paper) Appendix Journal of Development Economics 97, 1, 24-31, 2011

Trust and Culture International Game Theory Review 11, 2, 199-206, 2009

Interventions and Conflict Incentives, Ethnopolitics 8, 2, 191-208, 2009

Democracy, Capital Flows, and Odious Debt, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 18, 2, 207-34, 2009

(w/ Jamus Lim) Sticks and Carrots: Two Incentive Mechanisms Supporting Intra-Group Cooperation, Economics Letters 103, 2, 177-80, 2009

Aid and the Soft Budget Constraint, Review of Development Economics 13, 2, 264-75, 2009


International Finance Research

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton)  Terms or Trade Volatility, Real Exchange Rate Volatility and Growth: Evidence from Commodity Terms of Trade Shocks

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) International Gross Capital Flows: A New Measure and Application to a Global Panel of External Financial Crises, Journal of Policy Modeling 35, 1, 16-28

(with Yothin Jinjarak and Manachaya Uruyos) Sovereign Default Risk, Over-­confident Investors and Diverse Beliefs: Theory and Evidence from a New Dataset on Outstanding Credit Default Swaps, Journal of Financial Stability 9, 3, 330-36

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) Banking Crises, External Crises, and Gross Capital Flows (R&R, World Bank Economic Review)

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) The Output Effects of Gross Foreign Investment Reversals (forthcoming, Oxford Economic Papers)

(with Daniel Riera-Crichton) Real Exchange Rate Volatility, Economic Growth and the Euro  (forthcoming, Journal of Economic Integration)

Can Abandonment Options Decrease Investment Returns?



(w/ Helle Malmvig). To end Syria civil war, West must guarantee minorities' safety with peacekeeping force Christian Science Monitor 07/25/2013



Econ 1010: Principles of Macroeconomics

Econ 1020: Principles of Microeconomics

Econ 3010: Intermediate Macroeconomics

Econ 4350: Game Theory

Econ 5300: Game Theory

Econ 4720: International Trade

Econ 4700: Economic Development

Econ 5720: Advanced International Trade

MBAM/MBAX 5330: Advanced Managerial Economics/Global Business Environment