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University Technology Planning Council

University Technology Planning Council Charter

Technology Planning Council

Based on recommendations from the 2004-2005 Technology Services Review, the University of Wyoming has created a University Technology Planning Council (TPC). The Technology Planning Council is an executive-level group appointed by the President of the university and chaired by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the university. The Council will determine the merits and value of proposed initiatives to the university as a whole and make recommendations to the President dealing with university-wide technology initiatives, policy and processes. The purpose of the University Technology Planning Council (TPC) is to deal strategically with university-wide technology issues and planning by establishing a methodology and providing a timely process for evaluation and approval of new technology initiatives to facilitate the effective development of the institution’s technology infrastructure, resources, applications and services.

Technology Planning Council Membership

The TPC is an executive-level group representing functional areas of the President’s Executive Council, and including areas having a significant stake in shaping and executing the university’s technology strategy. The chair shall be the Vice President of Technology/CIO. The chair’s term shall not expire. In addition to the chair, there shall be six members. Membership in the TPC is recommended by the CIO to the President for appointment. Each member shall serve a two year term. Among the original members of the TPC, half the members will be assigned to a one-year term and half will be assigned to a two-year term to provide a process of membership continuity. Members may be reappointed for consecutive terms.

Technology Focus

Technology is integral to research, instruction and administration. How technology resources can be directed to make their greatest impact on teaching, learning, research, and the administrative processes that support these efforts is a continual challenge. The University Information Technology Planning Council is charged with providing direction for institutional technology issues and planning as well as the review and prioritization of major information technology initiatives across the university.

The information technology focus of the University Information Technology Planning Council will be on the use of hardware, software, services, resources, and supporting infrastructure to manage and deliver information using voice, data, and video within UW’s centralized environment or where these integrate with other UW systems. The Council will not focus its efforts on standalone systems that do not interact with the UW network, other institutional campus systems, systems that do not interact or interfere with the institutional systems, or systems that do not have the potential to be utilized as institution-wide systems, i.e., where there is no potential for more than one department to utilize a single system to meet similar needs. Systems with the potential to be utilized as institution-wide systems include, but are not limited to, systems for video conferencing, imaging, data storage, data networking, security, email, or wireless.

Technology Planning Council Charge

The Technology Planning Council will

  • Shape a unified technology strategy for the university;
  • Develop clear policies and an effective planning structure for technology initiatives;
  • Examine technology needs for the entire university, suggesting ways to remove barriers to the effective use of technology and solutions that will maximize the university’s return on technology investment;
  • Communicate technology strategy, policy, and processes to the university community,; and encourage and provide a channel for input from the university community;
  • Suggest and initiate programs to educate the university community about current and future technology issues and opportunities;
  • Review progress on technology initiatives included as action items in the university’s Support Services Plan;
  • Act, in a timely manner, as a clearinghouse for technology initiatives;
  • Initiate subcommittees as appropriate to research and prepare technical proposals for initiatives;
  • Develop and recommend institutional technology standards; and
  • Suggest technology funding priorities and recommend technology funding sources.

Responsibilities of the Chair

The TPC chair will

  • Ensure that there is regular communication with colleges, divisions and departments concerning technology issues;
  • Ensure that important technology issues, both central and distributed, are brought to the Technology Planning Council for review;
  • Ensure that there is coordination of staff support for the Council;
  • Provide to the Council necessary technical and budgetary expertise;
  • Coordinate activity between the Council and any subcommittees assisting the Council; and
  • Act as liaison between the Technology Planning Council and the President and the Executive Council, keeping the President and Vice Presidents informed of TPC activity.

Technology Planning Council Meetings and Accountability

The TPC will hold regular meetings, as needed. All Council policies and decisions, with appropriate background information, will be posted on the IT website and otherwise distributed to colleges, departments, and other university units. In addition to regular updates, the TPC will also provide an annual report to the President.

University of Wyoming
Technology Planning Council

Technology Planning Council Decision Making Criteria

The TPC is charged with determining the criteria and method for the development of the university’s technology strategy. To that end, the Council will focus on the

  • Advancement of technology strategy in accordance with the University’s Support Services Plan;
  • Cost-benefit analyses of implementing particular types of technology, including the maturity and stability of the proposed technology;
  • Value to the university in terms of application of the technology;
  • o University’s need for the technology from a competitive standpoint; and
  • Development of a detailed implementation plan.

Technology Planning Council Responsibilities

The TPC is also charged with developing policies for the university’s acquisition and implementation of technology. To that end, the Council will

  • Involve the university community in policy discussions and decisions to ensure that recommendations to the President and Executive Council have the backing of the university community;
  • Establish procedures for reviewing and initiating policies and proposals;
  • Decide policies based on the needs and goals of the entire university; and
  • Periodically review and update policies.

Technology Planning Council Process

Chart may be viewed on the UW Technology Initiative Process page

Contents © 2018 by the University of Wyoming. All rights reserved.

Contents © 2018 by the University of Wyoming. All rights reserved.