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Thought Bullets
April 2005

The WHY Behind the Findings

Calcium and Weight Loss * Trans Fats and Heart Disease

Ever since I was a young girl and babysat toddlers, I’ve always marveled at young children’s natural curiosity.  Have you ever played the why game with a toddler?  No matter how many answers you give, there is always the very predictable response: Why?  I clearly remember playing several why games with my nephews.  Why do you have to leave?  Because I have to go to work and if I don’t leave right now I’ll be late. Why do you have to work?  Because I have bills to pay.  Why do you have bills? — You get the picture.  For this month’s thought bullets, I did some research to try to answer the why question behind some nutritional news hitting the headlines frequently in recent months: a possible link between increased calcium intake and weight loss and the reason trans fats are associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

 Calcium and weight loss

Trans fats and heart disease

Jacobsen R, Lorenzen J K, Toubro S, Krog-Mikkelsen I, Astrup A.  Effect of short-term high dietary calcium intake on 24-h energy expenditure, fat oxidation and fecal fat excretion.  International Journal of Obesity. 2005;29(3):292-301. 

Calcium mechanism for weight loss gets clinical support,,  newsrelease on February 25, 2005. 

Lin J, Yang R, Tarr P T, Wu P-H, Handschin C, Li S, Yang, W, Pei L, Uldry M, Tontonoz P, Newgard C B, Spiegelman B M. Hyperlipidemic Effects of Dietary Saturated Fats Mediated through PGC-1$ Coactivatoin of SREBP. Cell. 2005;120:261-273. 

Harmful mechanism behind trans fats unlocked, newsrelease on February 3, 2005. 

Fat pathway clarified, newsrelease on January 31, 2005.


Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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