Welcome to the Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry Group

The research of the group is focused on the fundamental aspects of biogeochemical and mineralogical processes that affect nutrient (phosphorous, sulfur and silicon) and metal cycling in natural and agricultural ecosystems. A variety of synchrotron-based X-ray techniques, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and isotopic techniques are used in our research to provide mechanistic understanding of these processes. Our research has been funded by Natural Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Roy J. Shlemon Center for Quaternary Studies, Wyoming Agriculture Experimental Station, Wyoming Restoration and Reclamation Center, and The Center for Fundamentals of Subsurface Flow at UW.

Environmental Soil Chemistry Group
From left to right: Xiuhong Jia, Sam Fikru Belew, Qian Wang, Peng Yang, Mengqiang "Mike" Zhu, Xiaoming Wang, Kacey Myers, and Chunhao Gu