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Certificate of Achievement
Recognition for accomplishments is part of supporting youth development in both determining mastery and their identity of independence.

Wyoming 4-H Member Achievement Program

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In addition to awards for competitions, participation recognition, or project ribbons at the county or state fair, Wyoming 4-H has annual recognition of youth based on the extent of their 4-H involvement during the entire 4-H program year. Each year youth can be recognized a Green, Silver or Gold at the county level and receive a medallion sticker to add to their 4-H Certificate of Achievement.

  • To achieve Green (0 points)
    • Member has turned in all the required enrollment materials
    • Member has behaved in an appropriate manner at all 4-H activities, events, and meetings
    • Member is enrolled in at least one project
    • Member is enrolled in at least one club or has an approval of their UW 4-H Educator
  • To achieve Silver (1 point)
    • Member meets criteria for Green, AND...
      • Member has exhibited what she/he learned at some point during the current 4-H year with others.
      • Member provides documentation of setting goals, knowledge/skills gained, and participation in a project. (Most likely via the 4-H Recordbook)
  • To achieve Gold (3 points)
    • Member meets criteria for Silver, AND...
      • Member provides documentation in all essential elements of positive youth development. (Most likely via the 4-H Recordbook)


 Member Achievement Program Checklist - for use with Record Books (updated 09/22/22)


Wyoming 4-H Honors Club

The ultimate achievement that a 4-H member can obtain is inclusion in the Wyoming 4-H Honors Club. It is based on the principle of recognition for youth that maximize their opportunities to foster the elements positive youth development of belonging, independence, generosity, and master over multiple years of engagement. Nineteen (19) points must be accumulated from annual recognition points earned. Honor’s club inductees are given special recognition that includes an exclusive UW Cowboy Clover tie/lapel pin or necklace/bracelet charm, and a $500 travel scholarship. View the list of Wyoming 4-H State Honor’s Club members.

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