Wyoming 4-H your first class at UW

Science & Technology Projects

  • rocket leaving earth's atmosphere


    Think about the excitement that accompanies dreams of sending a rocket into space, making a first solo flight, becoming an astronaut or someday visiting other planets. Blast off with the 4-H Aerospace project!
  • child typing on a silver laptop


    Through the 4-H Computers project learn about hardware, software and computer applications. Learn how to create networks, domains and workgroups and make decisions about operating systems.
  • boy doing an electric current experiment with a lightbulb


    De-mystify the “magic” of electric circuits, magnetism, motors and electronics with the 4-H Electricity project. From building burglar alarms to learning how to select a good stereo and other consumer items
  • boy in plaid shirt programming Lego robot vehicle


    Exploring the 4-H Robotics project is an ideal way to introduce science, math, engineering and technology while teaching life skills. Through hands-on activities, the 4-H Robotics projects teach basic concepts related to robotic subsystems such as structure, power, sensors, control and programming.

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