Dean/Director Reviews

University Regulation 2-8 stipulates that a comprehensive review of the performance and overall effectiveness of each academic administrator. The review includes, but is not limited to an analysis of annual reviews of the academic administrator, solicited opinions of faculty, students, staff and administrators, and objective data regarding the progress of the unit.

Current Review Cycle

Dean review cycle timeline table

College Status Next Review
Agriculture and Natural Resources New Hire 19-20 AY 23-24
Arts and Sciences TBD TBD
Business New Hire FY 18-19 AY 22-23
Education New Hire FY 15-16 AY 19-20
Engineering and Applied Sciences Interim Hired FY 19-20 Annual
Health Sciences New Hire FY 19-20 AY 23-24
Law New Hire FY 15-16 AY 19-20
Libraries New Hire FY 16-17 AY 20-21
UW-Casper New 2-Year Term FY 19-20  
Units in Academic Affairs    
Art Museum New Hire FY 17-18 AY 21-22
American Heritage Center (AHC) New Hire FY 19-20 AY 23-24
School of Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) Interim Dean FY 19-20 Annual
School of Energy Resources (SER) TBD TBD
Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning (ECTL) TBD TBD
Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC) Completed AY 16-17 AY 20-21

Archived Dean Reviews