General Accreditation Questions


  1. What do you know about accreditation?

  2. What do you know about the Higher Learning Commission?

  3. Have you seen or read UW’s Assurance Argument?

  4. How would you describe UW’s mission? Do you know where you would find the official statement?

  5. How does your department contribute to UW’s mission?

  6. How do you contribute to the UW’s mission?

  7. What are UW’s current strategic planning priorities?

  8. What are UW’s  greatest strengths?

  9. What are the biggest challenges facing UW? How about challenges specific to your department?

  10. What makes UW unique in compared to our neighboring university peers?

  11. How would you describe the campus climate for diversity?

  12. What is it like to work at UW? How is morale on campus?

  13. Do you think academics are the top priority at UW? Why or why not?

  14. Describe any campus processes that could be improved or made more efficient.

  15. What kind of changes are taking place at UW in the next year? Do you see these as positive or not?


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