Livestock Judging Coaches


Landon Eldridge

Landon Eldridge

Head Coach

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Why should students participate on the Livestock Judging Team?

"Becoming a member of the livestock judging team allows students to experience personal growth and development, discover career opportunities, and increase university involvement, among many other things. While a member of the livestock judging team, students will not only learn how to sharpen their livestock evaluation, public speaking, and decision making skills, but more importantly continue to grow into professional, high integrity, mature young adults that will represent the judging program, department and university to the highest degree and employers will want to hire upon graduation."


"I'm Landon Eldridge from Snook, Texas. I grew up on my family commercial cow-calf operation while also being heavily involved in 4H and FFA, raising and exhibiting multiple species of livestock. I attended Blinn Junior College and Texas A&M University where I was a member of the livestock judging teams at both schools and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. After completing my undergraduate degree, I continued on to graduate school at Texas A&M University, where I received my masters degree in early swine development while also serving as the graduate assistant coach for the livestock judging team from 2020-2022."