What better way to spend your New's Year Eve than judging livestock and being in the warm weather in Phoenix, Arizona! On December 31, team members will compete at The Arizona National Livestock Show. This serves as the first national Collegiate Livestock Judging competition of the year and is great practice to prepare for the larger contests in the spring such as Denver. 

The next contest of the season is held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. This is one of the largest and most prestigous intercollegiate livestock judging contests; over 100 students from all around the country will compete for the first time. The National Western Stock Show also offers a second unique contest known as the Carload which is a contest focused on only pens of cattle. The University of Wyoming calls the NWSS their "home" contest because it is the closest to Laramie!



The Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic is held in Kearney, NE at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in mid February. This is an all cattle contest that includes breeding and market classes.

The spring season comes to a wrap in Houston, Texas at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March. During this week long road trip, team members get to enjoy may Southern workouts including the V8 Brahman ranch. There's also usually a trip to Galveston Beach!


The National Barrow Show is one of the first contests of the fall. It is an all hog contest that is sponsored by the National Association of Swine Records and is held in Austin, Minnesota. This is one of the greatest times for team members to improve on their hog evaluation skills. 

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american royal

This is the contest the team works for all year long. This contest serves as the Senior Collegiate National Championship and is held in conjuction with the North American International Livestock Exposition.