Bailey Fitzwater


Hometown: Wheatland, WY

Major: Agriculture Communications

Year: Junior

Career Plans: Unsure at the moment but I know I want to stay in the Agriculture Industry

Hobbies/Interest: Showing cattle/goats and art

Why did you choose to participate on the livestock judging team? 
I competed in livestock judging during high school through FFA and 4-H. I also want to learn more about judging quality livestock so I can use that knowledge to better my family's cattle operations and my goat herd. 

Delaynie Greiman


Hometown: Wellington, Colorado  

Major: Ag Business 

Year in school:  Junior 

Career plans: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  

Hobbies/ Interests: Showing Cattle, and Sports  

I chose to join the livestock judging team 
because the livestock industry is one of my passions. I grew up showing breeding and market cattle on the local, state, and national level. As well as I want to become more knowledgeable about the other species of livestock as there is always something new to learn!



Heather Wallace


Hometown: Saratoga, WY

Major: Animal Science with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary medicine

Year: Junior

Career Plans: After UW I plan to go to vet school and get my DVM, after vet school I want to primarily work on large animals and eventually open my own practice! 

Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies include raising sheep and cattle as well as attending concerts and being outdoors!

Why did you choose to participate on the livestock judging team?

I chose to participate on the livestock judging team to further my knowledge on sorting quality livestock, as well as push myself and increase my confidence in all areas of my life! 

Jessy Barger
Hometown: Cascade Montana 
Major: Agricultual Business
Year in School: Junior
Career Plans: Agriculture Sales.
Hobbies/Interests: I have a few hobbies and interests outside of livestock judging. I showed livestock growing up which is defiantly my favorite hobby as I still help out my younger sister and cousins. I also love to hunt deer and elk on the ranch with my family. With being an ag major am very interested in all things livestock production and ranching. At home I am active in things such as roping, calving, fixing fence and putting out mineral. In the past summer I was fortunate to be asked to judge several jackpots and county fairs and I thoroughly enjoy that opportunity and plan to continue. 
Why did you choose to participate on the livestock judging team?
Participating on the livestock judging team was one of the major reasons I chose to come to UW. I was active in livestock judging through 4-H and FFA growing up and fell in love with it! After high school I went to Casper College and was a member of the livestock judging team there for two years. I decided that I was going to continue judging at the university level and after my visit with dedicated coach Landon Eldridge I knew that UW was going to be a great fit for me.


Madi Lupher


Hometown: Mountain View, WY

Major: Animal Science

Career Plans: She grew up on a cattle ranch that raises about 250 head of Simmental Angus, small herd of registered Red Angus, and registered American Brabant horses. She has shown cattle and been interested in the cattle industry as a whole, which led her to livestock judging through 4-H, FFA, Casper College for the past 12 years. After UW she plans on becoming a sales representative, placing cattle in feedlots.