How do I get involved?

The first step is to sign up for the ANSC 3545: Introduction to Livestock Judging Livestock course. This course is only offered during the fall semester and students typically enroll during their sophomore or junior year.


How do I become part of the competitive team?

After being enrolled in the judging class for one semester, you are eligible to be selected as a member of the competitive team that travels to national contests.


Does the Livestock Judging Team give scholarships?

The UW Livestock Judging Team does not give individual scholarships. All scholarships are academic based and are awarded through the Brand of Excellence Scholarship Program through the College of Agriculture. For information, please contact Amy Rhoad Saville at (307) 766-4034 or asaville@uwyo.edu.


How does eligibility for the competitive team work?

A student is eligible to compete at a National Sr. College Judging contest if they have been enrolled at UW for at least one semester and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25. You have one calendar year of competitive eligibility for livestock judging, which starts in January and ends in November of the same year. A normal judging career consists of one semester of class-work in the fall, practice and traveling in the spring, and concludes with practice and competitions the following fall. This in no way affects eligibility for any other judging teams at UW.


Who are we looking for?

Livestock Judging is open to all students enrolled at UW. We are looking for hard-working people with a competitive attitude and the willingness and desire to learn more about the livestock industry.

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